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Writing Prompts! ( cont’d)

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By, Wendiann Alfieri

Ok here’s some questions I chose for myself to answer like what would be interesting to think about? Now y’all can use this for discussion or writers prompt or whatever you choose.

1.- So you get to choose only two of these to get rid of and never have to deal with again

-Paper cuts

-People mispronouncing or spelling your name


-Stubbing your pinky toe on something

-Walking into walls

-Having socks go missing in the wash

-Parking in a parking lot spot in an empty lot then coming back out of the store to an empty lot but having THE ONE OTHER CAR park right next to you

-Losing your phone while talking on your phone

-Middle seat on a plane

-Needing a pen but all of the ones you’ve tried are all dead

2.-If you were in a grocery store and the person in front of you can’t afford the groceries, would you pay for them?

3.If you could control what the beep of your car horn is, what would you chose it to say or sound like?

4.Would you sacrifice celebration of your birthday (and anyone knowing or acknowledging the day you were born, except you mentally knowing, even throughout the year no one knowing) for a price, would you? and what would that price be?

5.If you had to either lose a front tooth or have a scar on your cheek what would you choose and why

6.If you could choose what commercials to show before a movie showing, what would you show and what would the movie be? Would you take the chance to mess with people and how would you do it? Or promote yourself?

7..You and your friends got drunk one night and decide to get tattoos. What do you think you, in that drunken state, would get as a tattoo

8.You are working overnight at a gas station when someone comes in armed, and tries to rob it, but not for money. For a secret this business has that you know

What is the secret the precious knowledge, and do you give it up?

9.So you are hanging out with a new friend who claims to know that your best friend is in trouble, and says a fact she knew about your best friend that you thought no one else knew.

Do you rely on her to tell you what’s going on (if it’s even true?)or do you say no and leave it alone and let your best friend come to you when she needs?

10.-You can only keep ONE of your senses, which do you choose and why?

11.Which part of you do you feel most expresses yourself?

12.Whats your opinion on electric can openers? Are they really easier?

13.You are at a restaurant, the waitress is so kind and working hard. and you get the check, it’s more expensive than you thought. You have just enough for the bill but not for tip. You ask around the table and one person comes up with a handful of change. Do you leave the restaurant with not leaving any tip or do you leave the random change?

14.You have one enemy. That enemy is a type of bird. What birds gotta face your wrath?

15.What’s one childhood picture/ story that is embarrassing of you? Do tell.

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