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Merglesmarf:The Dome Files

By, Wendiann Alfieri

In a world of pain, time is of the essence and things don’t look good. One family out there has time as their ancestors. To help others, outsiders, who have lost hope, this family provides solace for certain cases, as long as the family is continually protected by the dome they have created to let the family live in an area safely. Only certain people are allowed in for treatment with the head Time Manipulation office.

This is an excerpt of A Chief Loop Manager’s daily event recording notebook

Let the record show this was written a week before Chaos Control was called due to the fall of the dome

It’s not even three am yet and already I see Steph hitting the building. God Dammit not again. “Steph! Get away from the building you can get hurt ag-” SMASH. I see the little pieces of glass scatter some so small you can’t see them. Sometimes she does come around here, looking for something to destroy. I could've helped her with my practice. Which you do need to have insurance coverage and a referral for my practice. I told her i’ve already called the police so many times on Steph, and I pulled out my phone. The police know my rules, and the laws that protect my business. I see her trying to climb in, struggling as she drops her bottle on the ground and it smashes, spreading brown glass on the ground. “Steph, I’m warning you,” I said gruffly. She edges backward and ends up puking and falling on her ass. “911 what's your emergency?”

I sighed, trying to wake up a bit more.


After the usual, I go inside, my keys jangling and my bag weighing me down. I didn't open until an hour and my bag was as heavy as sin. I turn on my office light and quickly dust the waiting room. Some lysol and glass cleaners are needed. my window oh yes. I go over to the window when I sense it. It's something I’ve never sensed before. the instinct in me makes me coil back. The floor under my feet creaks as I turn on my heel and open today's patients files. It’s a new person, meaning I have to establish trust and build up my knowledge of them. Usually, I’m called to fix or restore a loop I created. I haven’t had a brand new patient since August and it’s December now. But I can do this. I know with humans it's more difficult, but I’ve been doing this for a few years and I have yet to have gotten a bad result. This file is for a twenty three year old woman, whose baby died the day after being sent home from the hospital. It seems her husband took her to a regular doctor who happens to have a degree in analyzing what would need to have “special” solutions for illnesses ( Dr. Shintz, he’s very familiar with me)and was approved for this. But what's interesting is the husband wants to be with her too, and he got HIMSELF approved for it. A double loop. I got this...I feel a breeze sweep in. I look at the window. Oh boy.

It’s half past 10 when I hear the front door open. I feel the cold air strongly as I get up from my office and walk to my receptionist's desk. Jenny is a great receptionist, and also happens to be my sister. She’s really good with multitasking, and sending mental reminders to people about appointments and forms they have to fill out and such. Sometimes I wish I had her ability instead of my own.. She can send thoughts to humans and communicate if the person responds to her voice. That's how it works. She is very good with humans but if they don’t respond to her mentally she can’t quite communicate besides sending reminders. Us Leimanns stick together though and I am so happy we’ve created this option where we work together for people in need. “Oh, Marcy, did someone fix the window yet?” “Yeah, Jon came over an hour ago, I’ve been reading this file. They should be here soon…” I see them as I push through the door. Speak of the devil. “Hello, you must be th- ( Marcy, they’re the Vants, the new ones, oh they are patients) Mrs. and Mr. Vants?” The woman smiles at me, a sad sort of smile. She’s hopeful.“As you do know, my practice offers an option to help with grief, and trauma, and we do not offer this service just for the hell of it. You both have been approved by a doctor, meaning you are qualified. And I’m Director Marcy,” I say and I shake her husband's hand who has just introduced himself as Mr. Charles Vants. But I look at the woman, and she just stares at me with hope in her eyes. I hope for her and him we can work this out. “I hope this will be a good experience for you. I will be in the back, preparing and also reading your files. Just talk to my receptionist to fill out paperwork (Marcy, they know you have to do your own assessment of them, they just need to sign the waiver)((ok))I see you need to just sign the waiver. Not many of us Leimanns follow the laws, as I’m sure you’ve heard.”

“Oh yes we have heard that, we had to be granted special permission to enter this protected area, and it's where you who follow the laws dwell,” Mrs. Vants replies. Her eyes are green, not with envy but eagerness and I sense some skepticism in her pupils. But I cannot tell what she is skeptical about. I turn around after they sign the waiver. “ Follow Me,” I say firmly. The only sound I hear is the clicking of heels on the floor behind me. My gut tells me to speak, I feel as if I can’t. We get to my office as my niece in the back here goes over files about government landmarks that might need loops to reinstate, an “ insurance” policy if you will. My niece's doubles she creates are working on all the other desks.

I open my office door. The couple walks in. “ Please sit,” I ask. I get behind my desk and look closely at both of them. I sense they are kind, but confused. But that’s ok

They’re confusing the shit out of me too.

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