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Wendi's  Writing Service

Please Read Entirely 

Every day in our lives we have things we would like to say. We have things we say that are complacent, for example, if someone asks how we are doing. We say "Good"
Its what we have conditioned to ourselves as normal.
We also have standard things we say for occasions, like "Happy Holidays!" or "I am sorry for your loss". 
We want to say more, but these expressions are used and accepted so often that the meaning and feeling behind it is lost, and there's only so much a card from CVS can illustrate 
in general, it's hard to articulate things, which is why we rely on phrases, to make ourselves feel like we did what all what we needed or could to comfort someone or celebrate something.
I understand how easy you can get used to having automatic responses, I use them all the time
we all do
This is where my service may help you.
My name is Wendiann Alfieri. I have published two books of poetry, and I use my website as a creative outlet and also a place for me to speak up or out in whatever way I choose.
This service I am offering is through my creative writing, and when you sign up for a consultation we can discuss the kind of event or occasion to give me background information as to what you desire me to write about
Here's some topics I offer to write a poem, letter, or story about:
- Birthdays
- Anniversary
- Loss
- Congratulations
- Humor/pick-me ups
- Wedding

Those are some categories, but not limited to those. In speaking with you, we can tailor the writing to whatever the situation is
I also offer writing  guided imagery and positive affirmations as well

Each poem, short story, or letter will be written by me and when you sign up, you are allowing me creative freedom as to what I write, but we will discuss your input and ideas in an initial consultation

Price will be made based on per pages you would like written

please note: payment is accepted through PayPal and no refunds!

Please Contact me at my email directly and state your name and inquiry in an email:

Wendiann Alfieri

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