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A support Group For Ants

By, Wendiann Alfieri


#1- please respect that you are all equal and your size should band you together not pull you into grief

#2- and ants work as a team

#3- just ignore jerry, he’s a little senile and if he says we ants need to rescue a fellow ant, leave it to the ant investigators and don’t follow jerry

#4-impending doom is very real so be careful to always ignore this because we are ants and all of us would be in therapy if we give a shit

#5- ( unless a fellow ant that is not yourself has passed, then you may pick them up to bury them, just make sure they are 100% dead, there’s been some mixups in the past)

#6- remember to go to physical training for when the cleaning team goes out to rescue an ants body so we can bury him or her properly

#7- when it’s your day to be part of the rescue team, please be aware to have a passion for saving others and be positive for the victim

#8- grief is always stricken upon us, please make sure when you need to cry limit the time to five minutes in the comfort area and ten minutes is allowed if the therapy ant approves

#9- the queen must always be obeyed

#10- in the event of the queen passing, we may,also

#11- beware of the giants

#12- the giants can destroy our hills and homes very easily, so make sure to have life insurance in place

#13- and maybe some extra goodbyes to fellow ants who you care about

#14- remember we all love each other, as we are all a team

#15- pray to the queen

#16- protect and gather food

#17- try not to swarm the food piles, it lures the giants to crushing sprees

#18- enjoy your short life as an ant. It may be short but it’ll be worth it if you work together

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