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A Funny Wanted Poster

By, wendiann Alfieri

I wrote this fake wanted poster for fun, it's only for creative purposes One day i was just wondering if I were wanted for something, what would the poster say? this is the result

Wanted: Wen

Wen,typically a happy, bright and adorable girl has been added to the county’s Most-Wanted list. She was last seen at her job, Barnes and Noble.she is nowhere to be found, and took off after being caught eating a sandwich.. It appears that only a week before she was doing charity rituals in the store, she even cursed the value books/activity books at the front of the store to take customers to Hell, free of charge, as Barnes and Noble supports immigration and travel from all dimensions. The ceo stated they were fine with Wen’s abilities, who made another portal through rituals that took people straight into the brain and thoughts of Dave Chapelle(just not back) “Wen was a master of those, and now she’s gone and we have a mess with contracts for other dimensions, I can’t believe she would betray us” a worker probably said

Wen is the one who created these portals. now that she violated contract guidelines, these portals will have to close. “A real shame,” A worker said once at some point in time.

Barnes and nobles ceo wants her found as soon as impossible, as she was eating a bologna and mayo sandwich in the psychology section.

“Anyone who thinks Mayo or Bologna are good, together or separate, is not welcome here” the CEO says. Her contract allowing her to perform rituals and open portals and occasionally turn invisible to wreak havoc for YouTube videos in the store is terminated, as it clearly states that Barnes and Noble have a no-contact order with mayo, Hellman’s mayonnaise, and she was clearly violating policy. “We don’t feel context is important,” CEO says quickly.

An empty mayo jar was found recently by the customer service desk. Workers were unable to do their jobs because the desk in which they needed to work at had something the workers and associates are not allowed to be near.

“We take this empty container as a betrayal and threat. We may welcome Hell, but we don’t welcome Hellman’s,” CEO stated with finality.

Wen can make herself invisible, so it doesn’t really matter to search for her, nevertheless, she has earned her spot on the most wanted list in the county.

If you have any information please order pizza delivery for the police station to let them know there is evidence they can find out there ( make the pizza half mushroom, half pepperoni, one pie is fine but don’t forget to grab extra garlic knots for Jack)

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