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with me

be brave

lets meet you

the one to save

in the home you grew

your morals from then

were horrendous

if you want to get out you'll have to forgive it

sinful plans must pause

guilty cries

slammed doors

if you don't want to stand on your feet

Self- made trickster will be your final call

stop just blaming other figures

they're just dots

Its core you are headed toward the forget me nots

if you don't just speak in a meaningful voice


your family came close to being have lost you

in reality, its about them too,

their tears and cries, please make em mean something


In situations thick that you feel are just wastes of time

People become thieves

just for one more time

complex more, nesting inside


distributors of deceit

if you just try i promise

you will get clean

open your eyes


stop feeding your demons you know

they'll always be hungry

playing with pawns brazenly

Shying away when seen

The sky hides wrong-doings when lowering its cloak

justice seems a fantasy for your past

we don't judge just stop this fast

it Depends what you preach to yourself

When you appoint yourself as the priest

earth turns on its axis

We shift in our roles

Humans! Merely strain under scrawny lives

Coal is not gold no matter how you disguise it

hard dust to take along time to wipe'n

You don't know who to blame for your infliction

honestly this isn't something you, or anyone, ever will or ever does deserve(s)

after a long time,

they will catch you in your lies

we want to listen

give yourself reason,

only so much more we can do


it won't work if everyone tries but you

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