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Mother Earth's One Request: Poem

By, Wendiann Alfieri

Paper from trees,

used for printing contracts you’ll sign

without reading the terms

Of which legalities will procure

Oil for travel

Spilled into the sea

Lies are how you

apologize to me

The air is filling thick with cigarette smoke

Trash cans overflowing into the streets

No one taking responsibility

Complexity of a dollar sign

Leave many broken

Learning to commit fraud and crimes

Whatever gets the food in time

We say we love animals, instead many are abandoned

Dangerous to only those

Who don’t have sympathy

The air filled with the smell of our own waste

When sewage systems fail

We’ve used all our options

Innocence is robbed day to day

Children crying out

Adult’s going free

Adults Given the benefit of the doubt

We all know they shouldn’t receive

Everything anyone says

hidden behind technicalities

Freedom of speech but there’s still legalities.

Smiles showing rotted teeth

Shoes we walk in shakily

Understand, the world is being destroyed

We are complicit ignoring dark voids

Nothing is pure or left to grow

We shrink when there’s something we don’t want to know

we usually overshadow earth’s natural beauty

Out of all the things, I just ask one favor, from you to me,

Can we just let the flowers be?

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