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Missing: My ability to give a shit

By, Wendiann Alfieri

What to do if found:

I’ve been getting older and so is my ability to care

The warmth from it has been worn down, a tired old thing.

Beat up from the years

amounting to nothing

It ran away after I turned on CNN this morning, saying don’t you even dare

I pushed the button

it ran out the door

I don’t have it now; so I can’t find it.

Sources say it was Last seen Withering away

at a 7/11 getting coffee, a desperate attempt to survive through this

Either way, it’s death was just a matter of time

If found,please listen to me:

just put it out of its misery

It needs to move on

So do I

I hate clinging


a false lullaby

A mercy killing,

Help it die

I don’t mind

to live without it

For the rest of my life.

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