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The Clouds for The Divine

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By, Wendiann Alfieri Clouds

I feel the wind

Beneath my feet

The ground I loved

Is falling slowly

I’m riding up

I begin to feel holy

Going to heaven

Leaving my body behind

Going blind by all the light

Hearing pained

Feeling their unnecessary guilt

From down below

I hear them beg and say

“ Please don’t go”

I want to tell them I’m okay

That they can look at the clouds

To see me one day

I reach a big gate

An angel stands there with keys

Warning me that sometimes in heaven it’s hard to breathe

That when your cloud dissolves and falls upon earth

That they have a nurse

That the gates have security to protect us

From harm

I believe this angel means harm from demons even though he means earth

All the sadness that upwards disperse

I look at him and nod in agreement

He unlocks the gate and gives me a look over

Almost tearful and out of hope

What does this mean for my soul?

I hear the gates click behind me

Able to float I am

I twirl around in the air

I look around

Something is wrong with every soul on the clouds

There is weird mist surrounding each one

Family’s of angels and souls

Hiding from someone

I see a guard with a machine

As a baby’s soul can’t.. breathe?


This must be a mistake

We don’t breathe

We are souls

We are not alive

I look around

The clouds look like they’ve grown mold

A angel flies over to tell me I had a good life

Becoming and angel is my prize

We head to the nurses station

I am so confused

Isn’t this what I’ve left behind

Pain and suffering is supposed to end

This twist knocks me straight over not even letting me bend

I feel someone who taps my back

It’s a nurse angel with measuring tape

She says “ Come to my office, right now it’s not safe”

I float past another wall of mist

What I see makes me wonder

Why I’m reliving what I’ve lived

Soon I have these wings, I find out

These wings were not just for us to mount

This woman nurse soul explains it all

The wings now have filters

To catch the dirt smoke and debri

We will almost always get caught in our wings

The purgatory souls we now share clouds with

God finds that we all are equal in times of crisis

My wings are placed on my back

They give me a little “ clean your wings filters” pack

I use my wings and am assigned to go to a cloud

With a soul from purgatory that takes care of people with these new wings

This soul rushes towards me, happy to help

I burst out,