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Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By, Wendiann Alfieri ( this is a poem based off a dream I had last night. “ Savannah” was the name of the monster in that nightmare. So here’s a poem that gives the monster its own purpose):


Savannah savannah

Her name rings true

Of lost beauty and kindness

mystery, too

if you see savannah as you stir in bed at night

She’s got her agenda and her plans straight

She believes in necessary fright

Savannah Savannah

Who lives in the mountains you hike in your sleep

You are surrounded by people and entities that you consider safe and comforting

When you get to the top

To get out of the cold

Savannah will show

Not all have good intentions in the surrounding souls you keep

Friendship groups can feed off deceit

Savannah is fire and being in this snow

In your head where you don’t realize you are truly alone

It make her wary of how to show you her message

Not all people should be in your present

You’ll always be with people in the dream which she appears

A bunch of people or things

That you hold dear

Savannah thinks no fun to just warn you and leave

To show you the truth she will cause unease

Her face has chubby cheeks and a scratch on her eyebrow

Her insides are out

She’s grown used to the shout

Others emit

When she appears they just think

“ Begone Demon!”

Eyes pink with flecks of fire

She couldn’t forgive the ones who’ve hurt her

Moving on to others is her best bet

Cause moving onto above is just a height she’ll never reach

Even if she was filled with rainbows and kittens and peace,

She just can’t forgive

It’s perfectly fine

Some people and souls just need more time

If you prove to have a good heart she will know

That she can save you from blind trust

She was once unable to see till she turned to dust

She rose above it

Uses her spirit

To frighten and scare

The only way she can make you aware

She will show you just how dirty people can be

Telling you things you just can’t believe

Her nose is short decaying

You’ll see

Her nose appears to be rotting

you should sweep up the ash of the ones she sees

that make plots, tell lies, and cheat

It’s Someone you trusted

Someone you thought you knew

It’s only a dream, you at first think

That’s Savannah’s pet peeve

It’s a warning as real as anything else

She just can’t see your fear because she can’t see her outside self

The next day you’ll be relieved it wasn’t real

Just a monster with no sense

No important purpose

Silly knowledge you make yourself forget

Your fear and judgment of truth based on Savannah’s looks

It will blind you until the day

A loved one shows it’s you they’ve betrayed

you’ll see Savannah after her job is done

To ones who deny even what was proven

“ I told you so,” never needs to be said

It will never work in such dull heads

Once you thank her for the warning, thinking you need to listen more to her tune