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Part One: 31 Halloween Poems

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Here are the first six of my Halloween themed poems enjoy!

31 Poems For Halloween

These are weird Poems I made for the weird holiday of Halloween. Enjoy!

1) The Being

The Being lives not

The being feeds off of your thoughts

It looks like you when you see it

And when you look away

The longer it will stay

It travels as air at night

But not so much during the Daylight

You look and see yourself on that bench

That’s how it feeds

To keep its needs

For it is not a mirror

It isn’t backwards

But once you see

You become the being

2) Nailstorm

The Sky turns black

At the drop of a hat

The sky is angry

Once again

It just looks for events

To build up anger

And Release it during a harsh shower

So the metal starts pelting

Those who don’t stay inside

As screws and nails

Rain down from above

Trying to hurt

Anything in reach

The nails make a loud


As it hits the brand new

Nail-proof umbrellas

That the weather man recommends

Nowadays though

You can’t predict the rain

3) The Sanity-tizer

Step right up!

For our brand new deal!

Put some of this on

And restore your sanity!

You shall be healed

Here, good sir, buy this

Sign this contract

And I’ll call you in a day

Now give your sorry old life away!

Oh, you ma’am, I see you’ve come back?

Is it Sanity-tizer that you lack?

I see. You have things to say and think

Well, don’t worry; this will fix that in a blink!

Don’t come back again

Your problems will soon be resolved

You can’t find this product anywhere else folks!

With this your life shall always be swell

You’ll smile every time

It’s not dangerous you’ll be fine

Just sign; now print there right on the line

Don’t stress

You came at just the right time

4) The Illusion

We put wool over your eyes at night

You’ll never find us here

You won’t even know you’re near

Till you step on our home

Then you’ll be ours

You’ll help us do the dirty work

Convincing others that the stars are lost souls

Once you step in our home

You will know otherwise