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Just My Luck

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By, Wendiann Alfieri

There is a monster in my room

Next to me they rear their head

snore so loudly

And have breath that reeks

They probably haven’t showered in weeks

They toss and turn and wake me up

they ask me for a hug

I roll over and say “get off, I gotta get to work this morn’ at four o clock”

They move and the bed creaks as they slip

I soon learn they’re by the switch

The one for the lamp that has little pops and creaks

the light bulb is fizzing out

it manages to turn on and off fine

this monster keeps fucking with the lights

I raise with anger

Annoyance and clearly

This thing enjoys living in my room messily

I scream and say “It’s two am and now I gotta pick up this crap? I can’t even sleep, or nap!”

The annoying pest is gone and when I start to clean

The light bulb dies quickly

I run my fingers through my hair

blindly try to find

That lonely, lonely bed of mine

When I step on the cat

i quickly get bitten and scratched

The cat really did bite hard

It’ll probably leave a scar

I go to lay back down to sleep

I found the bed and I have flopped

And pass out till I hear a knock

“Go away” I mumble

Then the room starts to shake

The monster knocking is giving me a head ache

When I look at the clock; It’s now three

How can I ever get to sleep?

It hits me then, what I’ve got to do

I gotta kick out this monster from my room

It’s getting lighter outside now and I can see my main light switch

Enough to walk so I don’t step on the cat again

the light turns on

I hear the monster sounds like a bitch

My dresser falls and I ask the damn monster

“Why haven’t you paid your dues? YOU rent this place too! My papers say if you haven’t paid rent, you have to leave, your past due by day of three!”

The whole room rumbles as the shadow goes a way, and curses me under his breath after I say I’ll call the police.

Now maybe I can get some fucking sleep, I think

the cat jumps up and pisses in the sheets

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