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Go beyond

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By, Wendiann Alfieri

(this is a poem)

Voices from the grave

Reaching upward increases in difficulty

As I try to get free

From this body

But I’m stuck for now

In a box underground

Neither heaven or hell bound

A person would miss me

I hope they do

And I hope they pray

But I need to

I just need to

I just need to...

I’ve loved all of you

Even the ones that broke my heart in two

But your trying to hold my hand

And your digging yourself innnn

Into my voice beyond the grave

You think you know what I say

In signs and coincidences all the time

But I just want to

I need to say goodbye

I need you to let me go

I need to be away

Just let me float

Just let me go and let me guide you

To another voice that can find you

Till then, In this box I stay

All regrets should be put in the past

And me and you need to do that fast

I’ve loved all of you

Even the ones that broke my heart in two

But your trying to hold my hand

And your digging yourself innnn

Stop listening to my voice

My voice beyond the grave

Stop listening

Stop stop listening

Let me go

Even if I go astray

I don’t want my voice landing you into my grave

We all have wants we all have needs

And you try I know

Your heart broken and wondering where did I go

Well I’m stuck

I’m in a pit

I am stuck

As just a voice that you can hear

But right now it’s going in and out the other ear

I need you to stop

I need to move on too

So my voice will be a wisp

If you let me get ahold of my soul in a grip

I need to go up

But your keeping me down

I know I’m in your memories

But the difference is I don’t have to be

I want my soul to rise and be in peace

And I’ll see you someday in a higher place

But don’t keep listening

Don’t keep drowning

Don’t keep fighting fighting fighting

Let my voice be a wisp

Not in the graveyard

But high on a mountain top

But before I can do that

I need permission from you

To let me do what I want to do

And no longer do I want to be

A voice that everyone keeps hearing

Just let me fly into the ceiling

This voice of mine

This voice of mine

Can’t be stuck beyond the grave

no it can’t be stuck beyond the grave...

... forever

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