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Funny Writing Inspirations

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By, Wendiann Alfieri

"I stare at the story the story I've wrote. It doesn't give me much hope. I see the pages filled to the brim. I'm proud but I felt in my writing I've spoken too loud. I feel like my writing has gone down the well. But before others opinions, it's made me feel swell. Why do I do this? To myself I think. Maybe in years, this won't sink. Maybe people will appreciate what I write, if I don't carry myself with such terror and fright. I need to be happy about such things. No matter what I think others will think. The more I imagine people disliking my work the more it will happen. I need to be happy no matter what. Whoops, I deleted it, what do I write, oh f-"

- Me Every Time I Write

" I am writing this poem this poem is so true. I'm writing inspiration's about my shoe. The feelings I felt I can exaggerate, so now I'll share this poem:

'What to do when my loved one is lost

I need you to simply help me walk

The day without you is so blue

You have always stayed to me true

Now, as much as I hate

It's you I've now got to replace'

See? That was easy, as simple as that. Now to write about that damned old hat"

-Me, When I Have Nothing To Write And Then Write

"(Sees a plant) 'Oh that plant is beautiful, I could write a great story about how life grows on like a plant sometimes it-' ( Friend points out its poison ivy) '...Even Better!!'"

-Me, Trying To Write About Happy Things But Dark Things Are My Strong Point

"Inspiration, hmm what can I look to for inspiration, how about water?( Brain insists water is too boring) Well, what about colors? (Brain insists colors are hard to write about) Well, what about a favorite movie of mine? ( Brain asks how are you going to write about ten different movies) Hmm...

' Ten different movies... they all suck but don't judge me cause everyone can have guilty pleasures' (Brain: You mean like how your taste in books sometimes is?) ''

-Me, Arguing With Myself

" I was walking down a path..wait no, isn't it 'you' when you write guided imagery? Wait, I just used 'you' when I meant 'me' or is it 'I'? Damn, I'll just write about the swirling pit of confus-

Brain: 'The Swirling Pit of-'

'No wait! Wait! I still wanted to write something lighthearted!'

Brain: '-confusion, it's a storm inside me that only sucks me do-'

Me:'Seriously, can I even battle these twisted ideas?'

Brain:'-wn and I..'

Me:'Fine fine you win'

( Brain smiles as it contemplates)"

-Me, Once Again Trying To Write About Happy Things But Dark Things Are My Strong Point

Well, that was some interesting humor on my writing..uh..thoughts and tactics! Hope you enjoyed!

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