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Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By, Wendiann Alfieri

Looking in the past

You’ve always had my back

In the times that I have needed you

And the times where I didn’t.

You were there

And you knew

Who you were dealing with

When you were with me

all that aside, I never knew you as personally

As you did me

So I swallow

open my eyes

You caused me

So much pain

You didn’t want me

But outloud you never complained

All the years you were faking

Telling me that

Me and you were becoming

Us in the making

Because I didn’t know how you

Could switch up your act

One day nice and upbeat

Or sad

Or mad

And you made it all seem like you felt those things for me

That you were on my side

And that you sympathized 

But it wasn’t from your own heart

Your were just strategically smart

You were breaking me down

For your own gain

Whatever game you were playing with me

I was just a puppet on a string

You saying you wanted me

Was a way for you 

To break my feelings in two

And leave with a smile

Using me was worth your while

But as you walked away

The shade is slowly going


I’m becoming my own

Leaving you to the unknown

Because I am true I am loyal

I am trustworthy and noble

And no matter what strategies you use on me

I learned to set 

Myself free 

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