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A Poem Of Days

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By Wendiann Alfieri

The day comes and I’m dressed in white

Holding on to my ripped suit tight

As I walk down the aisle in the candle light

They surround the pews in this church

They arrived as they heard the hearse

No one else can see this but me

The souls have summoned this to make an ending

As I see that this private ceremony

Is a different kind of holy matrimony

As I kneel at the alter

And beg back for my partner

The souls whistle and sing

A toneless song

These dead lovers have been waiting to long

So I ask the Lord to help me

And I can distantly feel a hand holding mine

A wedding ring still held still binds

As I let myself go

And we all float on

We all float by

And we will have picnics at a spot among the clouds

We will see our family members and keep them from a spiral down

We will love and survive

As spirits and we’ll arise

We leave the service

With the group of dead lovers

We race towards the sun

But it does not have heat

Just light

As my wife and I take delight

In being with each other

The light is soon behind us

And we all are on the moon

We’re all one on the moon

As our souls spread out and we look up at the stars

Waving to others nearby on mars

Our tears are not typical

They become a star as each cry is shed

And I remember

All our fights because you were stubborn

All our hugs

All the times we thought life would get the best of us

All the times we didn’t know what was next

But we held each other still

No matter how angry

Or the climb up the hill

So now we sit no longer tied to our bodies

But tied together as beautifully

As a symphony

And we look at the stars

Soon the others rise up

And they dissipate into a Star

Each couple gets their own

But we feel so comfortable on this moon

We have to go

That we know

But first my soul my memory folds

And I remember

How different you were

When you were on deaths door

I didn’t leave you at all

But I left after you

And my heart had been run over

But I still got through it

With the rest of our family that we both created

You were so sick

And at my end so was I

I was never scared for myself to die

But once you did I felt often numb

But then I looked at the rest of my life

And though I missed you

And it hurt not to kiss you

I still was able to live

Just like I thought you’d want me too

And as our spirits are floating around

I know I’ll never again be tied down

And to be without you

So I nod and even though I can’t quite see

Together is in the stars watching down as we see

Our children grow up

Our family gets to just be

So we can go up now

And be swallowed up whole

By a bright shiny light

Visible at night

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