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A Fairy Ale

by Wendiann Alfieri

Once Upon A Time…

…there was a lonely man of thirty years. He wanted not to be alone, but first, he tried to gain understanding, not of just puppy love, but what it means to love and be with someone forever. He wanted to know whom he would love, and what they were thinking. So, he went on a journey to visit the Godzess of His Town, Legacy. Legacy would grant an answer to his question if he brought the proper offering. He went to the store and bought the necessary items before continuing up the mountain where Legacy the Godzess resided. After ten long hours of hiking up the mountain, he came to the tree that Legacy was perched on. “Dearest, wisest one,” the man said, “I have come for answers”

Legacy jumped down from the tree, in the form of a squirrel

“I see you have an offering, I accept,” Legacy said, sniffing the air. Legacy had only one eye but was blind to what humans could see. Legacy could see through its eye the fate of a man and was often sought out for help from the villagers

“I want to fully understand people, so I have come to ask you to give me the ability to hear the thoughts of the person I will fall in love with so that I will know who is the one for me, and be able to communicate easier”

Legacy cocked its head to the side

“ Wish granted. When you meet the person of your dreams, you will hear a bell ring, then will be able to hear their thoughts as well as their words, and you will be able to tell the difference. The person’s thoughts will sound like my voice, but their speech will sound like it would to anyone else. Now, go”

For years, the man tried finding the man and met many people on dates. After two years, he began to doubt that his wish was granted until he met a beautiful young woman at the market. She was a clerk, and when he went to buy his groceries, he heard the bell. He was excited until he heard her thoughts. He was confused, and, buying another offering for Legacy, he decided to pay the Godzess one more visit.

Legacy leaped down the tree, in the form of a squirrel once more, just giant this time.

“I see you have questions,” Legacy’s voice boomed

“Yeah, I do,” said the man

“Why is the person I’m destined to marry, her thoughts, you said I’d be able to fully understand the thoughts of the person whom I would meet up with, that it would give me insight into what communication with my love would be like?”

He asked.

“Yes,” said Legacy

“So, why are all her feelings and thoughts in Spanish?”

“Your wish was granted,” said Legacy

“But, I can’t comprehend a single internal feeling of theirs, I don’t speak Spanish”

The man said, getting visibly annoyed.

“Ah,” Legacy hesitated, relishing in drawing this out, and then continued to explain, “You finally understand what communication in love and marriage is, and always will, be like”

The man stared, eyes agape, as Legacy drank what the man had brought, once again, as an offering

“Wow, this is good quality, liquor, dude,” Legacy screeched with gratitude and respect

The man blinked twice, before turning around to head back down the mountain, his complexion a brilliant shade of red.

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