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A Cyclpoem

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By, Wendiann Alfieri


Please leave me alone

I’m on my phone

Trying to talk to my boss

You want me to stay?

Well now then go away

And later we’ll sit

And drink some merlot

Just expect me to be

On my computer, you see

I’m a busy man

I have a grand plan

For us to be together

But first I shall work

Day in and day out

But when I get home

I can’t stand to see you pout

So I’ll get you a fish

For your lonely state

And at night I’ll come home

And sit on the couch

As you cry alone in the bathroom

Something about your pain

I’ll schedule a doctor

But I can’t come with

Because I have a business

And after we have money

And you’ve got a ring

We can stay up all night together and sing

To the corny new pop songs that you love

Until it is time

To help plan for you

My bride

I will help you with the wedding

And I’ll pick out your dress

Simple and plain

And not too revealing

I don’t want anyone else staring

And you’ll walk down the aisle

And I will smile

And read my new company oath

And we will dance

Until I see

A woman who needs to be set free

Sitting with a cigarette at the bar

Two years after we’re sworn

To be with each other through each bush of thorns

But don’t worry

At the wedding

I’ll let you pick the flavor of cake

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