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Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By, Wendiann Alfieri

1- Deep

We take you to the realm of the deep

Where sadness is luxurious

And its ok to weep

Where the fish swim

In the muck

they’re still living

But they’re down on their luck

With black sludge

Instead of clear blue

Deep with the fishes,

We now swim with you

2-The Elements Of Smell

Earth smells of the dirt and life

under and up

of the ground that thrives

Its plants and trees sprout up always connected to its roots

Helping produce oxygen and food

The animals live

Accepting that

All the other animals

Have to survive as of yet

Part of the smell is the richness

The depth that you can hold in your hands

The smell wafting up and resting at peace

Where you know earth

Is where you live

Fire presents the smell of smoke

as it is not an end but a beginning of a start

It erases the old

But still pays homage

To the end of something

As you know ends are beginnings

The flames flick

Sometimes under control and sometimes not

But it doesn’t let past mistakes rot

It gets rid of them its bittersweet

The smoke wafting a warning

That if you rinse you repeat

Water smells of salt and ease not trying too hard to please

As the salt smells so strong

Mixed with the feelings

Of under your feet the waters reeling

Splashing daring you to join

The part of the universe

Least explored

We don’t know what it holds

But we know

Sometimes salt in the truth

Is the way we should go

Air last but least

You aren’t really anything

We don't pay attention

Until we clog you up

The fumes of trash and sewers and pipes

The smell of unnatural cigarette smoke

Makes unnatural life

But it’s like we don’t care

We’re usually unaware

Because it’s easy

To pretend your not there

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