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Thoughts While Listening To Music

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By, Wendiann Alfieri

I love you don’t go away here have a piece of me to stay even if i float away i love you but every second fading is what i know how to do i wanna be honest but i just can’t live my life hidden behind doors your supposed to be my friends why did you fade before i do do you want me to turn to ash as you turned to dust i just want to know your true intentions why can’t you just be honest i revealed those hidden doors and no ones come to help sweep up the dirt you left behind on the floor this carpet so rugged from all my mislead steps for you to wipe more on it doesn’t change my idea about it

Would you stay even if my life crumbles and breaks apart i wonder why can’t i see you the same way i let you see me I am honest and i never lie but i just wanna get to know you more when my life crumbles you’ll know what to do but if its reversed i won’t even be able to see you realize you can trust me i love the ones i can see clear but i love you more and your a foggy mirror

On my own i wish i could leave this space leave it empty but if i leave it’ll just become a wasted one

Answers would be nice but my questions are too precise too specific even if i knew the answer i still wouldn’t know

Change hits the sky like all the blame why does it end like this amidst the abyss

Why can’t i know

The good things only

And let the bad ones stay erased

How it is now its opposite

I’m left to deal with the bad shit

As the happiness from the past

Was never endlessly treasured

I cry every time i see who i was before i had rusted

Why don’t you wanna see something there i can’t stand the hits that took

And burned holes in my skin little craters the dinosaurs run from

But i know better

Than to think i created the world that lets me create

i wanna give back into the space i was given

Free the held thoughts on my mind

Free the pressure on my kind

Help the space be a little more accepting

To the thought of good change

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