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Life Is Like A Bunch Of Simile's, Writing Is An Ocean Of Metaphors

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By, Wendiann Alfieri

So I wanted to write some examples of simile's and metaphors, so here they are:

1) Similes:

- Smiling is like a light bulb, beautiful but sometimes blinding

- Forgetting is as hard as remembering

-This world is like a house on fire, from a distance it looks like an candlelight, up close it is as dangerous as can be

- My strength is as strong as a rubber band, its flexible and can be tested but stretch is too much and it breaks

- Why is strangeness like a waterfall, beautiful and overwhelming, but never fully understood?

-My brain is like it's in a sealed envelope, waiting for someone to open it and see the truth

-Happiness is like sadness it needs to be discovered for by you

- Stuffed animals are sometimes like friends, you find them, you love them, and you lose them

-Candy is like a necessary evil, it is sweet at first but afterward it can make you regret your decision

-Earth is as big as a speck compared to the universe

2) Metaphors:

-Beauty is a poison that is sweet

-Love is a tree that falls down

-Minds are a maze that you cannot leave

-Sadness is a root that keeps growing

-Reality is a needle that sews its meaning so that its a mystery

-Time is a knife that does not stop

- Joy is a spring that lets you soar

-Anger is sometimes a breath of air

Well, that's a few examples. A simile is a device that compares two things with the words " like" or "as" in it. A metaphor compares an abstract and solid things.

Hope you enjoyed!

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