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If Your Star Sign Was A Literary Element What Would It Be?

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By Wendiann Alfieri

Okay so I know what your probably thinking... what is this? Well, I've done some reading and research on both topics and here's what I think:

Each star sign is unique. Each Literary Element is unique. So here we go:

1) Aries- Deus Ex Machina

Aries people can often be seen as very impulsive, and Deus Ex Machina is a very impulsive and chaotic literary device. It's sort of like when a story isn't resolving itself, bring an element of crazy into it to help it resolve. But that's the thing. The situation still resolves. While its crazy, and sometimes very strange and out of this world, it still leads to a resolution. It's set on having a good ending. While it may not exactly be the ending you want it to be, and leave your very estranged, its still an ending, and this literary device will stop at nothing to get there.

2)Taurus- Mood

Mood creates, well, mood. And Taurus' have strong moods. They can be very in tune with reality, and also very strongly opinionated. But they can be a bit controlling too, and well, mood controls everything. It controls the emotions, and once you've got the emotions, you've got control. But it also creates love, and while Taurus' are stubborn and want things there way, they are very devoted to their loved ones. mood doesn't always reveal itself right away, sometimes it can be hard to decipher, but once you know all the mood of a story, you'll know you've got something good to keep in your head.

3)Gemini- Chiasmus

This one was hard to think of. Gemini's are social and fun to be around, but I think this is a good description for a Gemini. A Gemini is sometimes is known as like compatible with themselves and others kind of sign. While both parts of themselves represent a whole, the parts that are separate are opposite but the same. Chiasmus is similar. It's like saying something, but twisting it to mean something else, but at the end of the day, it still uses mostly the same words, just a little turned around. An example I found online of it is: "They don't care about how much you know until they know how much you care - Jim Calhoun".

4)Cancer- Anagram

Anagrams are when you take the letters of a word or phrase and switch them up to form a different word or phrase. And Cancer's are just as creative as this literary element. They also are very emotional and their emotions can change a lot, just like how the letters of a phrase or word can change to mean something else.

5) Leo- Anthropomorphism

So this element is giving human qualities to things that don't normally have human qualities. This element really captures that creative side of a Leo. But it's kind of stubborn in a way too, once you use this device it will leave an impact on the reader, and the reader will think of that animal or object having human qualities. It is something that will be ingrained in your brain, usually in a good way, but not all human qualities are good, so just be cautious of that.

6) Virgo- Alliteration

Alliteration is when you use the same first letter or sound in a string of words. For example, "Amy ate apples". Virgo's can be perfectionists, and alliteration is always about getting that beginning perfect. The way a Virgo is first perceived is very important to them. They need to be precise, they need to be smart, and they need to work hard on everything they do.

7) Libra- Connotation

Connotations are when a writer uses a word, a word that means something more to people than just what the definition is. Libra's mean much more than maybe what you think your definition of them is. They may try to seem like their personality is one way, but you know it might mean something much more deeper than they let on

8) Scorpio-Hyperbole

Hyperbole is an exaggeration. I think people exaggerate when they say how a Scorpio is. When I looked up Scorpio's, it said they were distrusting. But it also said they were "a true friend". One quality of someone or something could be used to create a bigger meaning, and to emphasize one good or bad quality. But emphasis doesn't always mean exact, it's used to get a certain perception into your head and get you in a certain mindset maybe for a later point. Keep that in mind, when reading and in life.

9) Sagittarius- Irony

As Sagittarius' like changes, irony is a perfect element for them, also because they are bold and not afraid of what anyone will think. They have a humorous attitude towards things in life, too and irony can be used for humor. Irony really gets you thinking, and questioning things, too.

10) Capricorn-Oxymoron

An oxymoron is when two words, which mean opposite things, can form a bigger picture. It has a bigger meaning but while you get the big picture, you might not realize that opposites form it. Capricorn's have a lot of opposing qualities, but like a Gemini, it forms a bigger picture. But while Gemini's literary element Chiasmus are mostly the same words switched around for an opposite meaning, oxymoron's are two words that are already opposite. While Chiasmus might be a little more obvious, oxymoron's can be more subtle

11) Aquarius- Characterization

Aquarius's are very character based people. Characterization is when you create/ describe a character. It builds the person and makes them unique, which Aquarius's are very unique. They are strong and one of a kind.

12)Pisces- Synestheisa

Pisces are linked to their artistic abilities, and synesthesia is used to show a connection to your senses. Pisces have many emotions, and they express them using their senses, whether it's playing music or creating art, they are always connected with the world and themselves

I hope you enjoyed this article!!

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