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Uneven:A Poem Written Out of Curiosity

By, Wendiann Alfieri

“In God’s name we bow our heads and pray…”


What A fancy way.

Of saying: “Let’s have thoughts in our brain”

God sees it all, over and over we’re told

Ok, well, Assuming at least that,

Why do we get so mad

When He doesn’t instantly act?

Context is important

When it comes to the facts:

We are told to drink poison

In His Holy Name

Every. Single. Sunday

Who came up with those rules?

Did God come down

To tell you that?

Or was it the Priest?

That’s not a seemingly fair game,

at least to me

Especially for the God we are so quick to blame

When overcome with anger, injustice, and shame

So, then, tell me this; my preachers, my friends,

How in the Hell should we expect

God to have time to listen,

let alone think,

When God Himself can’t even blink?

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