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To HOGWARTS, ( Concerned parent letter)

By Wendiann (and her brother Nicholas) Alfieri

the following is a fictional letter to hogwarts from a fictional concerned muggle parent. this isn't for profit, or officially Harry Potter canon content this is a fun funny humorous article perspective based off the fictional world of Harry Potter created by JK Rowling)

HOGWARTS complaint

I am sorry I have to write this letter, and am greatly disappointed in your establishment.

Frankly, I am concerned for the well being of your students. For all children that attend HOGWARTS as well as my own.

Your school is very prestigious in the Wizard world, but us muggle parents do not know of you until far too late. Upon finding my child, Harold Porter Junior (The Third) was magically gifted, I was very confused and remarkably uninformed. For years, I did not understand why our child kept conversing with snakes and claiming to randomly move objects with his mind, leading to several tests and insurance bills for what we presumed was a mental illness. It would have been nice to know what was going on instead of the countless nights crying because I didn’t. I would like to request being reimbursed for these bills, in Galleons to help pay for my son's school related expenses. I would also like to propose the idea of an informative, educational program/ training for muggle born wizard parents.

That out of the way, here’s a list of things more specifically related to your school.

The food-

there are no nutritional facts about what you serve your students in terms of food, no precautions for those with illnesses such as diabetes and allergies


There are no standard classes for things that any human should know like math or science. These kids will have to integrate into the muggle world whether from there or not. There should at least be some sort of math class. They’re there from age 11 to 17 and I have not seen one biology or math class on the rosters.

The teachers are violent, some attempting murder or have committed murder. We need background checks on these professors. The security sucks too, any teacher or student can masquerade as someone else. If a death eater can sneak in, who else can?


Hate speech is often what my child faces many students and parents using a disgusting word of “ mud blood”

Children who use this word should have house points deducted, consequences are needed.


No group counselor or mental health services for children who are wizards/witches.

My child didn’t have one, but they easily could have and so can any student at your school. Mental illness doesn’t discriminate and there should be some therapy for students provided the traumatic experiences that can happen, such as almost being eaten by giant spiders or almost beaten to death by a tree. There are plenty of magical remedies, but what about precautions first? To prevent physical injuries/ illness before having to go through all your resources to treat it?

That is all for now. If you get multiples of this letter, I Apologize. I am still getting used to our new Owl.

  • A concerned parent

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