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The State Of Emotion

by, wendiann alfieri

The State of emotion

There is the country of the brain stained with the state of emotion,

in it rests the town of grief where everyone cries or dies

that's how they pass the time

where there are no roles to play their whole world is frayed

everyone is blue in the face

no time or place to go

just resting in total sorrow

the town of fury is buried under the ground

people are steaming

with ice-hot feelings

the town of generosity is filled with smiles

given based solely on the belief that there will be relief

long as you smile when someone needs it or not

the town of mystery no one knows what stirs inside all it does is hide hide hide

the town of coincidence lets people accept

that things are strange

and that they change

the town of embarrassment

no one looks up

they all look down at the floor

their faces blush

words turn to mush

stuttering muttering

the words are fluttering

into a pile of mud

they freeze up and always according to themselves

mess up and shuffle

the town of greed in it everyone needs

to fill the need

for needing

not appreciating what they have

just wanting more

and more

even more!

Having everything is not enough without everything life would be so rough

the town of misery people are gray

dismayed ruminating over what they could or would or should have done

if only life wasn't so lonely

the town of superficiality everyone's fake

they change their pace of emotion

with just a flick of a spoken word

the town of dread everyone's dead they walk around upset that something might happen again,

the town of worry everyone’s on edge

they get along with residents from the town of dread

oh no they don't they

are too upset

something might happen if they relate to anyone else

in this state

the town of judgement as long as you are perfect

you'll be okay

or not everyone looks to you as though you have ten heads

because you are different

that's seen as ugly

the town of revenge everyone has a knack for getting back

at everyone else who wronged them

they have no friends

in the end

getting back doesn't work too well

you only end up hurting yourself

the town of acceptance everyone flies across the sky smiling at everyone else

choosing to understand who you are

whoever you choose to be

you're still perfect

the town of glee sees the happiness in this state

the town of enthusiasm has its place

in the town of refrain their unspoken rules don't allow anyone

to talk about it

the town of love is reached after traveling for it

love is pure for the young

I think this because

the games were fun when I was young

now they are through

nothing is new

time ticks by telling me why why why why do I feel so dark inside?

Because I don't rest in any state

my life is innate

everything and nothing will influence that

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