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The Journey

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By Wendiann Alfieri

The heat from the caverns

Spreads through the night

As two bold men

Try to keep their sight

Their backpacks are heavy

Of nothing they need

To get across the caverns

To the secrets they shall see

As they approach the start

Of the weak bridge they must cross

They look at each other

And hope they won’t have to deal with loss

Their decision was made long ago

When importance never grew

To spread and make things anew

The first step is taken by the second man

The heat rising in flames

It’ll be worth it the search for a mane

The second man takes the second step and the first man starts his second

As they carefully avoid contact with below

That caverns heat has turned to occupy itself

With water stretching far and wide

Neither man was a guide

And cold water is rising as they continue their path

On the bridge which miraculously hasn’t collapsed

But the men came prepared

With swimming skills no one could compare

So they took their bags, they were empty anyways

And proceeded to swim in rising waters

The journey didn’t take much longer

As they soon reached the cave of secrets as the water slowly drained

Because the caverns efforts were weak

To these men who had a peak in strength

They then enter and see

What they knew they’d always need

On a stone table to the right

The men tired and worn out

Gave a victorious shout

Now they could get what they came for

Made with whatever makes Centaurs hair gleam

And also made from a harp from heavens strings

Was conditioner with a matching shampoo

And two hair brushes that would get knots undone

And a leave in conditioner for their scalp

This would give them the magical hair

That most men want but do not dare seek

As these men stand looking down

With happiness they’ve completed their quest

Now it was up to them

To do the rest

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Sep 18, 2019

Wow! Hmmmm , what does the “ mundane “ shampoo and conditioner symbolize ... so basic, realistic yet the plot keeps you on your toes . Your writing is as fascinating as you are!

Love mom

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