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The Florist ( A Positive Narration)

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By, Wendiann Alfieri

Imagine yourself in a florists shop. You enter to a burst of different smells, it smells so sweet and the smells rush through your nose as you close your eyes, you take a deep breath, and exhale slowly. You look around to see if there is anyone at the counter to help you. You don't see anyone, but there is so many different flowers to choose from, so it's OK for now. It feels like being in a candy store. You wish you could take everything all home with you and shower the house with petals. You are looking for a beautiful flower arrangement to brighten up your home. You see a bouquet of roses, dripping with dew drops slowly edging to the edge of the petals and falling to the floor without a sound. The roses are a light pink, and would be perfect, but you still want to look around. You see some daisies and they shine brightly, with they're white petals glistening under the light shining above them. They're slightly wilted, so you turn around .The feeling of the petals brushing against your hands leaves a tickling sensation, and you smile. Your cheeks feel as pink as the roses when you hear someone walking in the door as the little bell goes off above them. You weren't expecting anyone and your startled for a second, you were absorbed in your surroundings. The man who walks in is very tall and he has on an old jacket, but a nice dress shirt and pants too. Why would he wear such a torn jacket? It had holes and stains, but no matter. You go back to looking at the flowers. The carnations are flowing out with their personalities seeming to look like they are bursting with energy. They are yellow but have red outlining the tips of they're petals like they are in a drawing or painting. You hear a faint tinkling and you see an employee coming out. The man walks up to her with a smile. The woman smiles back and asks what could I help you with today? The man smiles and they start having a muffled conversation. The orchids on the other side of the shop catch your eye, and you look closely at the stem. The stems of plants and flowers are always interesting, especially the leaves that surround them. The leaves and stems seem humble while the flowers seem outgoing but both balance each other very well. You have always loved going into flower shops, drawing them is your favorite hobby. You like wildflowers the best,and love drawing those straight from your backyard. But it is also very nice to go into flower shops to look, and on a special day like this, afford them. You turn away from the orchids wondering what to pick next. Your eyes catch the slightly wilting daisies. You look around the shop again, and see the woman and the man talking about flowers some more. You look once more at the mans jacket, and then walk over to the daises. You pick them up. You go to the counter, patiently waiting for the man to finish up buying some orange roses. He turns around and thanks the cashier, but something else catches his eyes and he turns to look at some lily's. You go up to the cashier and she smiles, and says those daisies have been waiting for a home. You pay the price, and as you go to exit the shop, you and the man's eyes meet. Good choice, his eyes seem to say. You exchange a smile and before you turn around you see that the roses are wilted, too.

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