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Spirit Of A Dead Woman

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By, Wendiann Alfieri


(I felt such sudden out of the blue where I was listening to a song and i felt such a rush to write these words. I had to speak them, I knew I had to. So here the words are)

“ Spirit Of A Dead Woman”

A walk is a struggle

Amongst quite a few

Whose words they cannot speak

So they came to ask me

Little words and cries

They are in basements, or under the stairs

There’s no AC

Keep cool with breathing slow

Taste the salt of their tears

While blood pressure goes low

Trying to escape

Being knocked down

Knowing they might never be found

Starved and beaten

Trying to defeat him

Tricked with sweetness

The Monsters hold the power over them

Bodies living too scared and too sweaty

Soon become cold and meet their ending

No one heard their desperate cries

There are also ones still struggling

To steal the key for the door to freedom

Living in darkness

Always in danger

I do not know

All the troubles first hand

to be stolen away and never seen or heard of Again

I know Validation to all is not always given

Lots of stories remain unwritten

This message has been projected

So this one

This one’s for the spirit of a dead woman

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