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Scattered and Shattered

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By, Wendiann Alfieri


Sitting in the cold

Your brightness numbed when you close your door

anyone can get to you

Anyone who needs something you are happy to light their way

one day you shattered

And you left yourself in the dark

dear I love you so

your pieces you left behind are sharp and scattered randomly in your acts of kindness

your not alone

I will pick up the pieces

That prison that held your feelings but would light up when you someone else

Needed help

You can’t save anyone

you’ve saved me

Your essence reminds me of reality

I’ll try when I can

To grasp onto you

We are both lost souls but we found each other

When you shattered

And you are free now

You are my essence

I will never let go

Your love and kindness in my veins you do flow

I may not have the ability to fix where you came from

I do know where you’ll be

You’ll be huddled up laughing at my bad jokes and random words

On the couch in the living room where there’s not much space

Together we are one

As of now

We feel safe enough to peacefully sleep

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