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Robot Repetition

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By, Wendiann Alfieri



We’re all sheep

Cozy up and keeping steady

Till the season is done for

When the heat hits

We shed our comfort blankets

No longer reassured

We bare our own truth and grace

Trying to keep our cool

In a heat- damning place

It is making us sweat

let’s shed that guilt with all the rest

Let them see our vulnerabilities

Pink translucent skin

Where our bones often

Poke and prod

We are tougher than you thought

Seeing us like that, you’ll know

Protection needs room to grow

Every now and then

Fuzzy calmness amidst the dark

Through cold and rain and pain as brutal as rocks

that season subsides

As it gets to be

an inferno outside

The more we defy

The Coddling words and promises

Agreements to never logically be fulfilled

those that held us together

through the bitterness

seasons change and the sun is outside

Our warmth is shaved and we are grateful

People pay for what you shaved

Us sheep don’t give a damn

In time we will travel

To a new land

Where new cares and chances

Make us start all over again

Lies were never ever told

In your blankets you’ll find new folds

You can say what you wish

Sheep like us? Confidence we don’t need to fish for

Our eyes and bleats?

They are our encore

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Wendiann Alfieri
Wendiann Alfieri
Nov 16, 2020

Thank you!


Nov 16, 2020

Love your perception we are your our on encore

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