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Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Here is an emotion fused piece that doesn't make sense much, but I wrote it through a weird emotional state. I'll admit it doesn't make a lot of logical sense And is vague But has disturbing implications so read at your own risk


By, Wendiann Alfieri

The night had started off humid, the heat and the dew rising together to make an annoying feeling, a feeling that would make you feel like the earth was dripping its sweat all over you. The grass was crying, the tears sliding down and some moisture resting on the grass the light almost reflecting on the droplets. A kitten whose been caught in the rain the day before runs daringly across Beltens Avenue, a car speeding to a halt as the kitten sprints for its life.

The cops pass by as the driver zips away into the night. The cops are doing their usual rounds yawning and struggling to keep their bored eyes open, nothing exciting has happened so far except for an encounter at the start of their shift where an older lady had called, frightened because she lost her friend to death, her beloved cat Frisky.

Passing the same places they always did. That old streetlamp with the light fizzing away, blinking and flashing as though on its last round, but for some reason hadn’t gone out yet. That new house right in front of the 7/11 that was never sold. That stop sign that nobody seemed to see no matter how many times they sped down that road. As time wore on the humidity eased and the cool air starts to spread, waiting to welcome a newborn morning and its mother the sun. The sky is freckled with the last of nights stars and the moon had disappeared letting this 3 am state be on its own. Friday night had passed and Saturday was here but not quite full in its transition. As the earth is preparing, the kitten runs back to Beltens Avenue, its paws skidding on the road.

It runs down, looking for a safe place when it sees a house, a pretty light yellow house with holiday lights still decorating the outside. There was a kiddie pool half filled with water and the other half dead bugs. The kittens fur was white and pure but being on its own, it was covered in dirt and leaves. Its eyes were still blue, bright and fearful but ready to take a chance. The kitten meows softly as it starts to run to the house. It doesn’t see the car, a red blur, speeding down. The honking of the horn and attempt at hitting the breaks scared the kitten and it skidded away into the night.


The house was home to a young couple, and as unkempt as the outside was, the living room and the kitchen were spotless. But it is our safe places that show our true nature. The door was a purple color with a crooked ripped “Do not disturb” sign, all the way down a narrow hallway. The bedroom itself was covered with playboy magazine pages ripped out and hung on the wall. A yellow stain, all crusty on a wrinkled page, existed on one models face, obscuring any chance of recognition.

On the left wall was a hole, cracks surrounding it looked like tree branches reaching out to all the lipstick kisses all different colors, shiny and strange, around that old hole that resulted from the man punching it. Pen and sharpie drawings of hearts, some broken, some on fire, some even anatomically correct surrounded and outlet. The girl, Est, was on the bloodstained carpet in this room, a carpet with various stains from various places. The original color was not known, but Est had spent evenings laying on his chest just trying to guess what color it could have been before she’d pass out. Her hair now was strewn out across the floor, her curly locks greasy and in bad need of a wash.The smell of that stupid candle she always lit was on the side table, it’s scent doing nothing.

She had been on his bed at night, singing and jumping on the bed like a child with that spiced rum she promised she’d try now that she was twenty one. He had laughed and it was magical for that moment, hearing his laugh. He laughed harder when she tried that rum and spit it out, adding a new carpet stain. Her eyes had widened and opened and shut and he said he loved her. Anyone would kill to have some of the moments that Est had shared with him, Somkey. If only she could keep track of all them. She was starting to stir, her stomach lurching a bit with hunger. Her eyes fluttered a bit, the mascara she’d had on has leaked under her eyes, the dark circles becoming more prominent as her eyes were open, and everything was a blur.

God, did she have a headache. Her hands went to her head, her fingers brushing through her hair, or trying to until one of her nails got stuck. Her ears could vaguely hear a voice calling her name, and the voice sounded like honey. It was nice, but it progressively increased in speed until a quick slap across her face got her to focus. She sat up so quickly to see Somkey. “Oh good, your up,” He sighed. “We gotta get to work, Est. Your father called me and said we needed to come in, an emergency apparently.” Est blinks. “But...I- this week is a break for our team, why does he want yo-” “No,Est,” Somkey says his voice a puff of smoke in Est’s already foggy vision. “He wants us, both of us, but you..” He reaches his hand over to untangle Est’s fingernails from her hair, “he wants you to lead.”

Est’s eyebrows furrow as she gets up, and walks to the door. This room was nice. But the reality is, with the new rules and new moral codes, this simple love and life may not last for long.

Five minutes later, her and Somkey are heading to the address given, Frank and Rosie in the back seat, listening to the sound of the cries of crows outside in the streets

When they get there, they see the trucks and the roads and woods all blocked off. The New Laws enforcers were there, and so were a lot of people. A lot of people trying to work together. Est’s stomach sinks and she puts her hand over her stomach her heart pulsing. Somkey notices. He’s about to brush her hair away and tell her “ stay here” but Est’s father approaches. He’s got a cigar in his hands along with forms. His voice is like sandpaper as he requests frank and Rosie to talk to New Laws Enforcers aka N.L.E. Her father is short and he’s been leading this new division for a while, but with these, certain, laws things apparently have now gotten out of hand. “Don’t worry Somkey, Let me take your girlfriend to the side, there's things she needs to know, if she wants to get that promotion to leader,” he smirks, his teeth yellow and his beard stubble growing over a bruise that Somkey well knows how it was caused. “I mean, you’ll know soon enough, if you still want to be on the team,” her father growls. He’s got on an old brown patchy hat and some jet black hair under it.

He takes Est by the shoulder and turns her around to the woods. Somkeys eyes glare at his back. He looks to both his sides, frank and rosie seem occupied. He was good at being stealthy, and he was also good at not listening to anything that asshole says. He knows there’s no way he’s gonna get Somkey fired. Not now that Somkey knows. It’s what someone would call leverage. He wastes no time and slips behind the trees, his feet pushing against wet leaves and soil.


Est is in the woods with her father and she has so many questions. Her father's voice becomes white noise as Est steps on a branch and almost loses balance, her arms trying to re center.Est looks at the road. She sees them. She sees them lying there, in the road, some decaying and others just pale. She looks at them all. The curled form. The tiny features. The silent cries. Est freezes. She’s heard of this. This was a dome, a dumping ground right here. This was the work of horror . Meaning, her dad wasn’t asking her to lead. He was asking her to be part of a removal team. And she’s not doing that. No way no way no way. Her hand is on her stomach. Why is this happening? She thinks. Her thoughts are rushin rushing rushin...she is falling backwards, and a sharp pain on the side of her skull is the last thing she knows before it all goes to black.

Somkey rushes out to Est. Her father is there, staring at Est on the ground. Somkey looks up to meet Est’s fathers dark soulless eyes. Somkey’s rage, fires in his blood. “What did you ask her,” he speaks calmly but fists still clenched, the sweat in his palms reaching his fingers digging into his own skin. “You guys are assigned removal,” He gestures to Somkey. “ The roadkill law was passed, just last week. I wasnt Privy to that information till they told me this was here,” he said, and even his voice betrayed him for a second as it had cracked. He resumes his normal disposition. “Come on Somkey, get with the times. Now call an ambulance. Est looks hurt”

The white. That's what she sees now. White ceiling, white space blurring with black dot like shadows. Her head feels like a bowling ball, and her eyes blink a few times. Her lips are cracked, and she tries to move them, and feels the blood leak down into her mouth. She whispers, “water” and soon the cool river of health arrives. She hears mumbles, and she’d turn her head if it wasn’t like concrete.

Then she remembers, a flash if you will. Her dad wants her on removal. She can’t do it. Because she hears a nurse speaking. Somkey’s voice says it. The words go on repeat in her head. She can’t be part of law she doesn’t agree with. This life has become like a horror Movie. The first new law is here. And she can’t stand it.

Her simple room in the house. She wished she was back there, hiding behind all the love and trust she and Somkey had with each other. If she didn’t live in a safe town, where her status let her be more protected thanks to her father and job, she could be dead. And so could …


Somkey… he’s telling her father

Est rests her hand on her stomach and tears flow out as her life once again fades to black.

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1 Comment

Nov 11, 2019

Intriguing and disturbing , but really makes you think

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