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Relatable Nightmares: Laundry

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By, Wendiann Alfieri

The Laundry Pile

It’s Monday. You’ve just entered the house after dropping your children off at school. It was a nightmare and you got them there late. As you look around the house you realize it’s in shambles and even the kids breakfast plates are still on the counter, with fruit on them and flies buzzing around it. You close your eyes and you count to five before opening them again. Then you start to clean. Vacuuming all the dog hair off the floor, cleaning the kitchen, unsticking gum from underneath the table, opening the window so the smell of the burnt eggs you attempted to make goes out. You scrub the bathroom and luckily it was still very clean. Except for the shower drain. You clean the kids rooms, and you wash the dishes. All in all the house is clean. Except you see a sock on the floor. So you pick it up, and you put it in the laundry basket, and you see the laundry basket is empty. Huh, you think, I just filled it where could it have gone? Oh well. You’ll deal with it later. So you go to check the fridge, you smell something and it smells like something went bad. You open the fridge, when you notice there’s a sock on a stool by the counter. It’s a red one. You pick it up and go to the laundry basket. But now, it’s full. It’s full of the boys’ clothes. You throw the sock in the pile. You hear the dog barking so you go in the living room and see Buster barking at a pillow. Why? Because the dog is weird and barks at anything. “ What buster, there’s nothing there, see?” And you move the pillow. Underneath it is a coat. You pick it up and turn and the laundry basket is empty again except now it still has that one and only white sock. Your brain is turning to mush and your getting freaked out now. You don’t really know what to do and why your worried about a fucking laundry basket beats you. But it could be to do with the fact you only got four hours of sleep due to your sons nightmares about an evil villain from a cartoon. Most of that time awake was spent wondering why your youngest son had nightmares about Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb. But you can’t stop thinking, what if someone was in the house? Last week something set off the outside car alarm at night, what if someone was trying to break in? Ugh... I sound paranoid, let me just finish cleaning. So you pick up the almost empty laundry basket and you go to pick up clothes and laundry from your bedroom and when you are done, you go to the laundry room and put in the detergent and that’s it. You go to the kitchen for a water bottle and when you turn, you see it. There’s a laundry basket there filled to the brim with a red sock on top. You pick it up and go to the laundry room, there must be an explanation. When you get to the room you feel incredibly stupid as you remember that your husband bought another laundry basket just in case the one that was a little broken broke more. You put your hand on your head and after a minute you do the rest of the chores, take your husbands business suit to the cleaners, and then pick up your kids from school. The kids are laughing and run into the house when you remember you forgot to switch the laundry. You follow into the house behind them and the house is flooded. You put your hand to your head and call your partner. He’s at work but he asks why did you use the machine? It’s broken, it almost flood the house last week. He says he forgot to tell you. Today’s been a great day hasn’t it you think

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