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By, Wendiann Alfieri

It seems in the past year or so, that people's longing for answers collide with a growing Impatience, that leads to an unfortunate set of circumstances.

This loss, this loss that can not be taken back or fixed, has been inflicting people for ages.

The loss of common sense

We all have moments where we lack CS, and for the most part, we’ve all lived in harmony with this realization, and accept it.

Maybe it even leads to a funny story you can tell your friends, or tell to embarrass someone else.

One thing that’s come to our attention that needs to be stopped is the spreading of the idea that the sky is blue.

i know for a fact that the sky isn’t blue because we think we heard someone scream that it wasn’t at Applebee’s the other night.

Why would someone lie about the sky not being blue? There’s no reason to not believe them.

That declaration has moved me to a theory..

That applebees guy? I believe he was the sky, trying to communicate with us. Cause nature ALWAYS gives us answers in some way. Last Tuesday I heard the wind rustle through the trees. Which meant, of course, that I needed to buy milk.

I draw the realization that the sky is green like the earth because it's part of earth.

The evidence i found was compelling, thinking how it isn’t technically blue because of other colors from sunsets and sunrises to storms and smoke from fires

But there's always green around us, so why can’t we accept green sky and green grass as universal and balanced as one? That’s my humble opinion.

Now, you can make the argument that The man said specifically it was a purple sky getting ready for a storm that’s why it’s not blue right now, yelling at his friend who asked that question after a few Long Island Iced Teas.

He may have had a different wording, but we all know the truth because I am telling the truth that the sky is green and I am right about it.

From twitter to youtube to the news, lacking common sense reaches eyes that believe everything they read. Do your own research, but also Don’t believe everything you read.

(side note: I am in awe and disbelief at how technical people can unnecessarily get about generalizations. We generalize/use phrases for a reason. If we were specific about everything we’d go more crazy than we as a society already are, and, believe it or not, things would make less sense. For all intensive purposes, to me, the sky is blue. I hope this gave you a laugh)

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