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Part Two: 31 Halloween Poems

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

The Next six poems

1) The Lost Thought

The thought she had

When she went to sleep


“Do my mommy and daddy miss me?”

The thought floats around

As sleep drowns it out

Her little head rests

As her thought is sent

To the mailroom

That is in her head

The skeletons who work there

Are trying to help

Every night to resolve a lost thought

So that when she wakes up

She won’t have to worry as much

They gather together

And read the thought

They look at each other

They agree

It’s time to bring back the interpreter

2) Unified

“Okay my fellow witches, tonight is the night we do what is best

We come out and give everyone a fright fest

Maybe with some screams and howls, and some of our pet cats…What?

What do you mean that’s not scary? Movies? Horror movies? But these are kids,

They’re supposed to be scared ON HALLOWEEN! What’s your plan Bertha? Oh, ok all right”.

(Three hours later)


“Yes Jason?”


“We will fix it I’m sure we can…”

“No, mom you don’t understand, my laptop and computer are BROKEN

And I can’t find my charger! I’M SCARED MOM!”

(An hour later)

“Well, Bertha got to hand it to you. Oh, nice touch on making sure his parents’ wine was

Spilled, but next time we have to make sure once they’ve solved everything,

Make sure there is wine. We think we need magical brews,

But parents don’t have that. Wine must not be spilled ok? Ok. Cheers everyone!”

3) The Black Cat

You may think

The black cats are suspicious

Especially on Halloween

But really all they do

Is keep the streets clean

When the children run amok

Or steal all the candy

Or egg houses

Or TP houses

The black cat shows up

A parent to the street it lives on

They scare all unnecessary trouble away

And creep back into the shadows

Of the trees

Where they live

With their family

In the darkness

In suspicion

4) Candy

I walk alone

Getting candy by myself

It’s Halloween

And all my friends are trick-or-treating

But I go to the dollar store

And just buy out

Till my heart is content

5) Damaged

She comes out of the room


It appears on her wall

There is blood dripping down

She calls for her mother

Her mother comes in

And complains about the house having to bleed on Halloween

Every damn year

The girl looks confused

As the blood is oozing down

Then the lights go out

Along with screeching

Her mother yells out

“I won’t let you eat any of the candy this year if you don’t stop it!”

The house’s issues subside

And the girl wonders

Well, that’s where my candy goes every Halloween…huh…

6) The Apple

The apple rests

On the ground

Perfectly red and ripe

But as time wares on

The apple is gone

No one wants it now the seasons have changed

Now it lives soon again

In the form of

Its offspring

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