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Part Three: 31 Halloween Poems

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

The Next 6 Poems

1) The Sink

She pauses

In front of the sink

She turns the faucet on

The water trickles down

She hates this sink and wants to leave now

So she tries shutting it off

But cannot

She looks down into the old wretched sink

And her eyes are mesmerized she can’t even blink

As everything she knows

Gets sucked down the drain

2) Tornado

Life is a tornado

Around Halloween

These same kids keep coming round

Asking me again and again

For more candy

So I once again

Hand them some

They complain it’s not good enough

So I pointed outside

To the pile of bricks

I said if they carried them home

They’d find the bricks will melt

And they’d get lots of treats

They didn’t seem too pleased

With my lies

So they went off empty

And didn’t come back that night

3) Silver Mist

Its Halloween night

But I don’t care

I just sit inside

And at the TV I stare

When I go to shut my window

Cause its getting too cold

I notice the mist

That shifts in

I try to shut the window once again

It does anything but shut

It comes in and swarms my home

The living room is filling up

My lungs clogged with silver dust

I try to swipe it away

I close my eyes

When I open them I’m in shocked

These spirits here I know not

They look at me

One grabs my hand

“Welcome to the promised land”

4) Removal Services

Its collecting day

I’ve got to take out the trash

I’ve got to dig out the past

I look at the walls of my house

Everything in picture frames

There’s me crying

There’s me losing everything

There’s me feeling trapped

In isolation

I don’t like these pictures

In frames

Replacing any good memories

I briefly gain

So I take them off the walls

And crush the glass with my bare feet

I take the pictures

Out of the remains

The monster inside me has been released

I take the pictures and put them in the pails

Then I drag those pails from out back

I go back inside

To find good memories in bottles stained

With the blood from my feet

I smile

Then put those bottles

Into recycle

5) Silence

The silence is deafening

I cover my ears

As it sweeps the street

On this dark humid night

My thoughts become words

Which slip out and float

In the silence


Me and my words

Are all in the same boat

6) Cup o’ luck

I pay for the coffee

And sit down to drink it

The first sip I take

Is my last mistake

As I feel the tar

Cover me inside

No way to breathe

No way to hide

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