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Part 5: 31 Halloween Poems

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Here's the last set!

1) Why

Why do we sit here?

Giving candy to kids on the street

Maybe we can all get together

And give some light

To those kids in need

2) Lights

The bulbs on the houses

Orange and black

Explode right after

The others past

It waits to be fixed

But no one cares

They’ve all got their own stories to bear

These lights are a distraction

To have a little fun

But once they explode

Their jobs are now done

3) Luck

There’s no luck of the draw

As I choose the strange door

The other green one

Ensures safety

But I’d rather have the mystery

That only life can give

I don’t know about you

But I’m not going yet

4) Pirates

Oh the pirates, marching by

Can’t be a fairy like me

And have magic and fly

But my magic is just on the outside

The pirates work

For their image this night

It’s a clever costume

A clever disguise

5) Important

Important! Important News! The Souls are among us!

Their souls are heading to…Starbucks!

Starbucks is offering free coffee to any soul from 6pm to 12pm on Halloween night!

So loved ones don’t worry, your espresso is totally soul safe!

They also have smoothies and non-caffeinated drinks such as “Spirit Strawberry Smoothie”

And “Haunt luck” Which is brand new and tastes like a new breath!

So don’t roam the streets, souls! Go to Starbucks! They are dead-friendly!

Also: The living are not permitted to enter unless the dead gives a special approval for visiting.

6) Fest

I don’t understand

Why are Christmas lights up

It’s Halloween

Why is it Christmas?

You’re really getting the spirits confused

We don’t know which houses are friendly if the lights aren’t up

We are temporarily boarding in that old house down the street

And kids if you try to perform seances

Well, we’ll probably scare the crap out of you

But remember when we are truly invited

We will be delighted

7) The last

Welcome to the last poem

Please don’t sue us

Last year we had a legal mess with our poems.

We used the word “ghost” and some souls got offended

Man it cost us so many random supernatural occurrences

My house is still sinking everyday

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