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Part 4: 31 Halloween Poems

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

The second to last set of 6:

1) Arrows

They shoot by

With faces of steel

These spirits

Really know

How to appeal

To others they show dedication

To stay on the line

To me it shows

I’ve got too much to hide

To ever be

A spirit guide

2) 20

Hindsight is 20/20

So is my view

On you

I can read you like a book

Your darkest secrets have nowhere to go

I see them all

Now leave me alone

I see too clear

You’re someone I don’t want anyone to be near

3) Disappearance

I look for her

In the sky at night

Every time I see her

I get scared

But it’s better than her

Never being here

4) Love Lost

We met on Halloween

Your outfit and mine

I am a cat

You are a mouse

I chase you around

Always attacking

You keep coming out to just eat

I turn that into defeat

Your determination


But my evil

Cannot be re defined

5) Feat

This feat we’ve attempted

To try to get the dead resurrected

We use as a game

But its real souls we mess with

Trying to mask it

With costumes



And lights

We avoid

The real terror

And preoccupied

With our desire

To rise old souls

From the fire

6) Waiting

I wait at the station

Waiting for my wife

To get home for the night

It’s been a year

Since I’ve seen her alive

But the ghost train will come here soon

This one night

That I get to swoon

Over the love in her past life

Seeing her once

Isn’t enough

But I’ll arrive to her

When it is my time

And together

We’ll ride the ghost train into the night

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