Let Me Stay

By, Wendiann Alfieri


READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION*** Dave Carne was driving by the local high school. He made himself look tired, honking the horn at the traffic. Just a tired guy, his last day of his week-long excursion visiting as a tourist, wanting to see the museum that just opened, for an article for his job in New york.

The Museum of Odd art.

He was frustrated and stuck just as school let out, packed bags in the trunk.

The kids from Stonecold High were swarming out, all laughing even through the humidity.

Dave was sweating. Profusely.

He just had a different reason for it.

His eyes searched the crowd, rubbing his temple because of this migraine. It was his last day in town

He was then frustrated, he reminded himself. and he knew he had to look for it. In fact, He was so annoyed, he turned into the parking lot of the school to go around the back way. To avoid traffic.

He was not supposed to, but ugh, today’s just been a mess. He had a flight to catch

The man approached the car and sighed.

“I’m sorry that I got to do this to ya, but no one is allowed to go out the back way,”

“Please, I’m exhausted, I got-” wait. He paused.

Stick to the story, Dave, he urged himself

“I’m just so frustrated and want to get this rental car back and a ride to the airport. there’s no AC in my car, these damn cars honking so loud, I just want dump a bucket of ice on my head, before my flight”

Security looked left to right.

“All right, fine. Just this one time though, you hear?”

Dave nodded.

Shit, he needed to get away now.

His bags already in the truck

He was running out of time

He put on a friendly face, gritting his teeth beneath his closed lips.

It was all weaving together.

As Dave went the back way, he saw them.

A group of junior girls walking home. His eyes skim over places they shouldn’t, before resting his eyes on Bonny.

The girls end up parting ways, as Bonny runs alone down the path to her house.

He was watching closely as she took a key from a hollow space covered by the broken doorbell, looking carefully as she put the key back.


He waits a half hour before pulling up to Bonny’s driveway.

He didn’t just come here for work, but for Bonny as well.

She was home alone

Oh boy, maybe I should knock on their door? I think I am lost, my phone is dead. the lines crossed his mind in an innocent fashion, his outward smirk contradicting his forced mindset

He walked up to the door, and knocked twice.

His phone was dead, and so he didn’t have GPS.

And he was so done with today, the frustration leaving him exhausted

The door opened up, and there she was

Not on Instagram

Not on twitter

Not from a car down the road

Not pictures

Right there.

Bonny was perfect, her hair in a messy bun and her pale skin slightly darker from the summer sun.

“Uh, hi, I’m Dayin. I just, man, can I get directions? I need to get home but my phone GPS died?”

Bonny looked up at him, sweet eyes, painless eyes, stained glass eyes

Those eyes were a lot of things, but stupid was not one of them, and they narrowed to slits.

Dave smirked, and started to chuckle.

“I’m no wolf, I swear,” he joked

His voice betrayed his friendly act


A small slip.

One slip now noted, by Bonny’s intuition.

“No, sorry,”

Her face is stoic.

Narrow eyes, unrelenting eyes

Eyes that look straight into his without so much as a blink

“Really” Dave couldn’t bring himself to make it sound like a question

Bonny nodded


She looked him up and down, then said

“Go away. you should know, the bullshit you're selling is too expensive to purchase. So, I’m not buying it. See?”

She pointed to a no solicitors sign

Bonny shut the door in his face, leaving him alone on the porch. A click follows as she locks the front door behind her.

It’s not over yet, Dave thought. This was his chance. His chance that played out so well in his head.

He was always careful when being careless, empty and devoid of human sympathy

She’s got some spice, He thought as he pulled the key from the side compartment on the wall.

Mrs. Kild was walking down the street with some mail. The houses both had different numbers, but they looked so old, the 8 sign on Mrs. Kilds door chipped over the years and looked like three.

She was Bonny's aunt, sister to Bonny’s dad, used to babysit Bonny, and Bonny would stay at Mrs. Kild’s place when her dad traveled for work. Mrs. Kild had gotten back from a vacation just earlier that day, a swarm of mail to sort in her hands. She got to the door to open the compartment with the spare key.

It was gone.. She reached to find the door unlocked already. She entered to hear a muffled scream

Bonny was in pain on the ground,barely conscious. Dave heard a crash from downstairs. He pulled out his gun, a small nick on his finger forming from his haste.

A small drop of blood formed, and he shook his finger. the drop of blood landed on a stuffed rabbit of Bonny's, a miniscule dot. it didn't even show a sign of a stain. He didn’t pay attention to it: His mind was in panic mode when he saw Mrs Kild in the doorway

Mrs Kild got in a good shot to his chest before his mind even processed he had a way to defend himself

Falling back he struggled to breathe.

Oh God, Please don't let me die, please, please, please let me stay please, the words crossing his mind before everything went black.

Mrs. Kild ran to Bonny, waiting with her favorite niece for the paramedics to come

The man on the other side of the room was hurt as well but all the king's horse and all the king's men didn’t reach him in time cause by then, he was already dead

A grueling year And nine months later, Bonny was looking over a crib, her daughter sleeping under the blankets.

“Hey," Mrs. Kild called softly.

Bonny turned around and gave her aunt a big hug.

“You really don’t mind watching her so me and dad can get dinner?”

Her aunt smiled.

“Of course I don’t mind”

The smiles slipped away, a knowing silence drifting back.

“I know he’s gone, but sometimes he still feels..here” Bonny said numbly


"This will be good for you, Bonny, to get out of the house for once" Mrs. Kild said reassuringly

Bonny produced a weak smile and quick shrug. She turned on her heel and headed out.

Mrs. Kild looked over the baby’s crib one last time.

The baby’s fist was closed, and she shifted slightly in her crib, nudging a small plush rabbit with her head

when Bonny shouted.


Mrs. Kild startled, looking at the baby, who was surprisingly undisturbed.

Mrs. Kild then went to leave. She grabbed Bonny's purse on the way out, shutting the door behind her; Bonny's purse swinging slightly from Mrs. Kild's hand

The baby gurgled

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