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Land Of Difference

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By, Wendiann Alfieri

(Here is a brief look into a fantasy world I thought of, told through telepathic ties, and “mind stations”)

The Following Is an Excerpt Of Legendary Flying Fighter Minge, who saved this mind excerpt and shared it to us. It’s been translated to English.

Welcome To History Mind-Station, program will start momentarily, but first, a word from security-

Please, do not speak any words from the ancient language out loud if you are under the age of fifteen, unless with a parent

Words and their many uses: Tonight's word-“ ridiculous”

“.... the word ridiculous is a word that we use as an expression, a description, a feeling. But one part of this word has been claimed to summon flowers to grow out of the ground. ‘A word that waters’ Dr. Shindig explains, ‘the concept itself is what we can describe by the WORD itself. It’s truly ridiculous’

Dr. Shindig has been studying words that have secret chants within them, with his partner Dr. Shredder.

‘ It’s interesting because these words that we use in our language, we use to stir up physical actions and abilities, while the ancient ones used to stir up thoughts and feelings before anything physical could be done. Another strange thing is these emotions and thoughts pushed the buttons for an action that the people carried out themselves. The dictionary, we have reason to believe it was a bible of chants and promises and advice hidden within the bounds of this book, unbeknownst to the ancient people’,Dr Shredder concludes.

So, what’s so magical about the word ‘ridiculous’ you might ask? Well, this is where the element of irony came to play (See page 457 of ‘ The Literary elements’). Basically, ‘ridiculous’ referred to what these people assumed was impossible, as growing flowers so quickly and efficiently as it is now, was impossible when they reigned.

Dr. Shredder has helped discover the ancient people who used these words to help them survive and communicate, not realizing these words and letters..they mean so much more after we rose from after the tragic drowning of those ancient people. Now that this world of ours exists in its place, we owe it to ourselves to discover the past of the ancient people, as our kind is half related to, and much similar with our current culture and practices, too. They were known as humans, these ancient ones. As we started late today, we still have to end this installment o-”

(Switched Station)

“Hello Your listening to H.n56 , the exclusive mind-station with all of this season's musical chants of hope and love. It’s Dine Fest,, and we are doing our top ten words anyone and everyone will be approved to say. Number Ten, ‘ Whimsical’ (Clarification From The Editor-These beings see in their brains as a burst . side note being they see in colors and use touch and smell as well to communicate. Noise is new to these beings at this time)

Speaking it will cause a brief moment of looking, and being transparent. Any breach of this word will result in a report to Security…”

(Station Interrupted)

“Minge, this is your history teacher. We need your mind-essay about the disadvantages of humans that we have still, and compare it to the advantages we have over our ancestors, just send it in as usual, in my mind mail, please also ONLY send learning class projects to my mail? I do NOT need to hear about your Love Spiraling adventures with Hectir. By the way, Hectirs hair is made of leaves, not grass. We will talk about technical terms later. I know language is new, but it’s been introduced to you for a long time and you need to work o-”

(Switched Station)

“Girls, we all know that it's hard to get up in the morning. Living in lava huts goes against our nature to fly above, because the ash and heaviness of washing in the blue lava pools weigh our wings down. Well, a new word has been found out to make cleaning them much easier, and it’s only five lava rocks to pay for it! The Deluxe-”

(Station Interrupted)

“MINGE. SEND THE ESSAY. Also, I checked my mind-mail, and whats this weird thing about a man named Hectir? What is this, oh my god, MINGE GET YOUR WINGLETS DOWN HERE, WE NEED TO HAVE A CONVERSATION…”

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