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by Wendiann Alfieri

I recently applied for a freelance job and before getting paid, or any signed contract, I was asked to provide content as examples to see if I would be hired in the future

For this job. as soon as I sent them, the job was soon closed for any access or communication

so here are those ideas, they are my own and I was not paid for them but might be writing stories based off them even though they are movie ideas

no contract was signed for ownership of these ideas so me sharing them is completely legal

here they are

Horror movie idea: “ Lies”

A single father is running low on money, supporting his five year old after his wife had been murdered. The culprit is in prison ( or maybe escaped it), and was the wife’s dr, who lied to the mans wife about a test result and killing her instead. The man wants revenge on the dr and finds that shortly after his wife was murdered that he can seek it.

He has the ability to make people believe his lies, with no consequence. The more he uses it though, the more his own daughter begins to get sick with what the dr claimed the mans wife had.

Comedy idea:

“ Oddities”

(this this is a one I tried writing a story about but accidentally deleted)

A hair salon. A girl is having relationship trouble and finds solace in the hair salon/spa/ nail place she works in… which caters to very strange clients. Such as Medusa style hair to nails that are made of cement. The comedy comes from the surrounding characters thinking the simple relationship trouble is shocking and awful… while ignoring the oddities of the salons clients.

Drama Movie idea:

“ Which way do I go?”

in the future, there is an invention of being able to detect mental illness where it comes from… and is soon revealed that according to studies mental illness may not be real at all, and the world turns inwards as two women try to figure out the truth as one has mental illness and the other begins to doubt it’s real due to the worlds development

if you’d like to see one of these as a story, leave a comment!

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