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Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By, Wendiann Alfieri

One day

I was looking down

Hoping I’d always

Stay on the ground

I turned a corner

And I found something

So beautiful

But so driven by pain

She looks up to me

Eyes desperate they cling

She’s sitting alone

A puppet on strings

Still she got up and took a step

Pushed away all the tears she wept

She looks at me

A soul not yet lost

she falls into me

we will never part

We try


She was moving her feet

she’s still Tied by one thread

Whose else was gonna help her be the girl in the mirror

she used to see

She and I both knew

Someone had to cut the ties

That were developed from her past and her lies

She turned to me


So I took it upon me

To show her the earth

Together I just

Cut that thread first

We try dancing

We try dancing

Years go by

We’ve both lived our lives

Lying in bed dreaming

That Neither of us want

Our performance to end

We close our eyes and sweep the floor

I start Heading

To an open door

I step through

I look back

It’s not your time yet

You look at me

After all we been through

The first thing you feel

Is your heart turn to ash

The next thought perusing

You don’t want to explain

that You have an excuse

To go back to The pain from your past

Falling fast

Cause that’s what you were used to

As much as I don’t like to admit

That that’s how you were when I met you

She tries dancing

She tries dancing

wonders why

Can’t she

Be with me?

Dancing alone


Realizing she’s to blame

Not for my death

For something

More than I’d like to admit

Her games she pulled

The emotions she’s split

she’s sad that I’ve gone

Her world slowly crumbles

She picks up a bottle

She’s leading a dance

To hell and back

Taking life in

Numbing it just as fast

It took your freedom my love

The rush comes and goes as I rise above

You still weeped and prayed

Time passes away

You wake up fast

Your head hurts

You’ve relapsed

This is the final straw

You can’t do this to yourself any longer

You begin to pick yourself off the floor

Wanting and knowing

There’s more to live for

Soon your strength comes

From what you’ve had to endure

No longer will regret and what you had to catch

Make you feel

you can’t move on at last

The happy person you are

After tragedy

Turned out to be

your life’s prophecy

She is dancing

I see you dancing dancing

I’m proud

As can be

You still love dancing dancing

You keep on


Time is Ticking away

you go to bed

There’s an open door

I hold out my hand

As I see you

You aren’t sure you want to push through

Knowing The fact

that age finds us all,

Will the choices you used to make

Haunt you to the grave

So inside you start to retract

The light turns on

Before you can take it back

We make eye contact

The words rush through your veins

The next words you say:

“ Let’s go and dance this night away”

Now that’s over

We both are one

Together nothing can stop us

In This promised land

I dance, You dance

They dance, We dance

We dance

We dance

We dance


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