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Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By, Wendiann Alfieri

So this is Christmas

Shining like a light

look at the stars

But that’s not where I am

I’m on houses and trees and the fireplace

You sit next to me and I hope you’re not through with me yet

You focus on the flame but that’s not me that’s not my name

All of you compliment me throughout the whole season

But leaving me up? You’ve got no good reason

And soon the nativities and presents go away

What about me?

Why can’t you let me stay?

You worked hard to put me up climbing on ladders and sometimes fucking up

I am one

When part of me is not lit

The rest follow suit

But it doesn’t stop you needing me up for a grand acceptance

I’ve come to realize

That you don’t look at me

You look at the neighbors who are looking at me

I need approval also you know

I can’t just be out trying to impress someone that you sometimes don’t know

I want to impress you

I want to be bright

But sometimes my anger closes the lights

Because impressing you is all I do

I just sit there and shine

Not like the stars

My wire is like a vine

As you try to have others

Bask in my artificial light

And after the ornaments get taken down

And it’s time to put away the tree

The inflatables outside, the ribbons go away, the portrait of the family that looks nice even if taken last May

The hugs die down

And you leave me up a little longer

Because taking me down now is a bother

So I rest on the streets for a few weeks

no one cares now

Maybe I should just die out

One bulb at a time

But when ones out the rest goes too

I know I am no longer of use to you

And you take me down

And grumble the whole time

Trying to get me down

Eventually you do

And you put me in a box


“ Xmas lites”


You can’t even

You can’t even spell my damn NAME right

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