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Cloudy Visions

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By, Wendiann Alfieri

Some of us get to say goodbye

Some live and they know why

But when you won’t

Learn what you don’t

Unrest is waiting in your bones

As your body is beneath you

You float when you need to

But once you’re on your own

There’s gotta be a place

That’s beautiful and bright and safe

But only those who pass through can reach

Because they knew how tall they needed to be

And they had a clean end

It was a long time comin

But the ones who pass

So suddenly

They enter heaven last

When she passed she didn’t know

What the circumstances were

Why she was in front of a building

And no heart was beating

A figure came out and gave her a packet

Of forms she needed to fill out

And lines shed have to wait

She knows she’s dead

But she has to meet

With an emotional feat

She’s got to be told

What her purpose was

What meaning of her life was

Before fitting in heavens mold

She sits in a seat

With other confused messed up souls

Also had no heartbeat

But it is like they all were just holding their breaths

And maybe if they pass on

To a higher place

They can let out a breath

Among bright open space

She waits for her number as the beings at the consultation desks call up others

Just like her

Finally her turn comes

They bellow out her name

She goes to the desk

And wants to know

How why what is next

But the holy female being is reviewing a file

And the just passed on soul has questions

And she sits and waits

And she waits and sits

Till the woman says now it’s time to explain her fate

The woman says

“ your purpose is in this envelope. Open it and you shall see

Why you were on earth

And what you were meant to be”

She looks and she opens up the envelope which a bright heavenly light shines from.

She’s ecstatic

Does this mean heaven?

But the female holy being

She saw the humans souls excitement

And corrects her misunderstanding

“Oh I’m sorry that light always shines when those are opened”

And the soul who had passed on she took out a single sheet of paper

And began to read

What was her filled destiny

She looks at the paper

And is confused

And looks to the holy female being

The holy being says “ sorry about that looks like this means you will be living in sub heaven

Where you have your own cloud to live on with freedom

But in sub heaven

God is the landlord

So your job will be to polish angels wings

And you’ll fit right in

Go to your assigned cloud and get some sleep

Tomorrow is training

And tomorrow we’ll meet”

the human soul

She realizes her life’s purpose

Reflected her status

And she cries invisible tears

She can’t believe it

That her purpose was so small

She didn’t realize that working at Taco Bell

For way too long

Was her purpose

Like the paper said

“ you got one drive thru’s order wrong, and gave them an extra taco.

The driver was so hungry and as he drove away and saw the extra taco he said ‘ god bless that woman’s soul I really needed this’

As people say this, it is random

which souls actually get blessed

for people say ‘ god bless’ all the time

You’ve been approved for cloud life. And are given the job

To polish the angels wings

Your purpose was to make a hungry person have a little bit more caution about his food for that taco was old and he threw up all night long. You were still blessed so now you are here. Please report to your cloud which is number 9”

She goes to her cloud


If things would Be different

if she got hired to work in subway instead

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