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Character Trail

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By, Wendiann Alfieri

"Character Trail"

Come on, come on

The tours about to start

Into the forest all bright and shiny

With gems and pieces

Of great irony

Look at that sparkling tree, its character is easy to see

It feeds off positivity

That butterfly is a freedom fighter

That log is able to suceed it climbs higher

That spider oh don’t touch

For that spider is lonely

And dangerous

Look at the liars leaf

Green and fresh as can be

Fresh and ready to decieve

Go ahead, over to the bush

Eat the berries and you’ll see

The person who you are’s destiny

I take a bite

Oh so sweet

I feel tingles

In my hands and feet

I close my eyes and open them

The forest is now black and grimy

The floor is covered in black roses

The leaves are rotting away

The spider is the size of at least ten feet

And hiding is the only option

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