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Cats Again

By, Wendiann Alfieri

Forgive Me

Forgive me, I’m a curious cat

they always tell me to scat

cause around them I prowl

they dare come near me, I growl

they yell

"go away"

cause they can’t pet me

it’s just a case of envy

they think it unfair that I can be a peeve

I’m not

until they sneeze my hairs stand on end

and then they scatter

they sneeze even louder,

forgive me, I am a curious cat

I can be annoying but I’m cute

a ploy

as you should know

I’m very coy

forgive me because I’m a curious cat,

they always tell me to scat

they never think I’m the one hiding behind the corner

they know my affection is earned

us curious cats are a wonder

because we are stunning

when we are not running

affection is hard to come by from us

once you earn it

you will learn it

there’s a method to our madness

our routine

we have it down pat

they utter, “ What was that?”

I say, “Forgive me, I am a curious cat”

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