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An interview with Covid-19

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By, Wendiann Alfieri

A: “Alright, asshole, I've been out for hours fighting your kind. We have you now, and we want answers.”

C: “Answers are simple. They don't exist. Now let me go”

A: “ why DO you keep going?”

C: “ it wasn’t just up to me, ya know. I'm not all of the problem and you know it. You protect others from me, not even stopping for a break, so i guess.. we CAN understand each other”

( C Smirks)

C: “I want to keep going, and not back down without a fight. You want to keep going, and will not back down without a fight. Our goals so similar yet so opposite”

A: (avoids the bait)

C: (hesitates)

C: “I want to travel, and these people as you call them, well they helped me with my bags and let me board a flight, until…”

A: “ Until…?”

C: “Until you intercepted and caused a delay. I'm in this hell answering questions when I want my freedom. I deserve it, free will is a thing aint it?”

A: “No, not when it comes to you”

C: “I suppose That's neither here nor there. You asked, now listen. Traveling is what I live for, a hobby of mine, if you will”

A: “ Your hobby doesn’t last long, look, look at how many of your destinations are ones you can’t go back to, no one can”

C: (rushes)”I don’t need to go back, it's not about going back. People are. Their mentality is going back to lack of common sense.It’s not all my fault, and I see you.I see your rage, rage at your home in this body not always fighting me or cooperating with you. few encouraged me, but still. They let me rise up, they doubt me, only for their own senseless politics.

They have a sense I don’t. Yet, this sense is my salvation”

A:“ what sense?”


C:“Word of mouth”

A:(Leans back)

A: “Okay… excuses excuses. Whether people wear a mask or not doesn’t excuse the scum you already are. People don’t want to believe the danger you pose, or they know it all too well.”

C: “The only sense I had was touch, but others let me gain control, not just of their bodies, but of their minds. People are losing it, and people are being lost. It wasn’t before long that I got-”

A: “Cut the shit. I’m asking you, YOU why YOU do this. No one, complicit or not, deserves the pain you have caused and still cause”

C: (laughs)

A: “ You may think you’re tough shit, but you aren’t fooling me. You are a coward, blaming and blaming so that you never take accountability, but present yourself as though you are proud of it anyway. I know that now, at this point, you are proud”

C: “I was born angry. Now people are angry of their own accord, some deluded and shrill. Some use me for their own personal agenda.

It comforts me no matter where I am. Maybe I don’t have morals. I sure as hell make others question theirs

You only care because of the destruction I’ve caused. Everything is always a game of power, and your idea that I care is only for you to understand. You don’t understand.”

A: “Neither do you”

(C narrows eyes)

A: “You see, I am not here to charge you, but I am here to stop you. You get one chance to listen, and you will get one time to choose. Whichever you do will be considered final. There is so much of your family spread out, stopping you is a drop in a bucket, but everyone I take down I do so proudly.

I know you. I understand the power. I don’t understand your actions.

before this, I was just like you. An evil, a traitor to my own home, a sickness that is consumed by being consumed.

I see through you, right through you. Cause you know one day there won’t be another place to hop to, and you continue to do it anyway. not out of rage, but out of fear.

Fear you will have reigned over everything, that there will be nothing more to fight, only things to fight you, rebel against the one who used to be. You know you are wrong, and throughout your travels, you still are alone. You don’t know anything else. You don’t deserve love. The people do though, and you know it and I know it, and I used to know it the way you currently do.This is not an excuse, you don’t get one. you are despicable now.. But You can still help for the right cause, change teams whether you view it as a choice or punishment. Here, I offer you an ultimatum.”

C: (Narrows eyes)

A: “Listen, this body has got more of me. Your brother passed through last time, and here you are thinking you are the first, that you have the power. You came here weakened. Me and my army have won against your brother, and we are more than prepared to do the same to you, showing no remorse as you don’t show any either”

C: “What exactly are you saying? What are you trying to pull?”

A: “Nothing, nothing at all”

C: “Then what?”

A: “..become one of us. Because maybe we have different morals now, it didn’t used to be that way..”

C:( stares forward)

A: “ Take my hand, even if you only do so out of selfishness”

C: (rolls eyes)

A: “Help us antibodies, fight against yourself. You choose us, you get a chance. You deny us, you will be obliterated. I’m giving you ten seconds. Choose wisely, as your answer determines whether you get any mercy”

C: (closes eyes, leans back, and cracks knuckles, opens eyes and stares straight unblinking)

A: ( sighs)

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