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An Idea

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

by, Wendiann alfieri

this is fiction!! It’s an idea I had because I have been in the mental health system and it’s very broken and I thought to myself what would I want a place to be like what I want how I would run a program to help others in need. What would I want? So I wrote this. *** AGAIN THIS IS FICTIONAL IT IS AN IDEA I HAD BUT IT IS NOT A REAL PLACE*** Radio commercial

Lady:I was just leaving the deli, when I realized they forgot to give me my meal because I had totally just walked out the door before realizing it and turned around and ran to the counter. But the man behind the counter says I did not pay. He saw me and everything though, and I showed him the receipt and he still refused.

I was filled with anxiety

I was starving

I was self conscious

I was shy and even apologized for inconvenience when I asked him and showed the receipt.

And I walked out the door for the second and final time

Running on three hours of sleep

I had to get to work fast, but I was starving

And I really wanted my roast beef sandwich

I was rushing through the crowd in the city and I got to my office. I didn’t know that day was seminar day, a seminar at my company that I had forgotten all about.

But I was welcomed into the office and I sat down in the conference room.

There was a program there reaching out to those who might need their services

That’s how I learned about B.I.T.C.H.

Embers voice- ( creator and manager of B.I.T.C.H):

It’s a program designed by professionals to learn how to speak up for yourself and eventually be able to recognize scenarios where you can teach and comfort others who need love and compassion.

At B.I.T.C.H, we have self defense classes, motivational groups, and how to respond to a difficult situation. Our motto is in the name of the company - be inspirational to closed hearts. We want to open the hearts of men and women and even children to know when to handle things around them even with no control over it

our anger management groups involve role playing one on one groups that are with a special therapist who will try everything they can to push your buttons based on your mood/ behavior assessment. The first part of these sessions ( five sessions are usually maximum but we have had people who needed six or seven) will be developing your idea of things that bother you. We start small but each session there will be a deeper question asked and situation to think about.

unfortunately, people judge in the world we all judge each other, it’s a curse we all have been afflicted with now or again. Our teen bullying program (“Stand up speak out”) has many volunteers each week to share their stories. If someone does insult you in day to day life, say, by calling you a bitch, Bounce back from the negativity

A wise woman once said: “ When they go low you go high”. But there’s more to it than that. Think of a trampoline. It always sinks when you stand on it. But if you get low enough you can propel yourself upward and you jump and no matter how many times it sinks you can springboard off of it. Let it teach you.

Our program also has temporary housing branches. .example- if you were at our program for anxiety. For your first day, your room will be free of all of things that you will discuss gives you and only have your “ safe” items that bring you comfort, that help you live and not sit through your sadness. You are also required to call three people a day ( typically for the anxiety and depression treatment plan) and they people you call are usually randomized and you will connect with another man or women using our housing services, like you. Just pick up the phones When it rings or when you want to reach out.

Learning about others by not seeing them makes you feel free and not judged, we can feel so small and fragile with our mental image of ourselves, so hearing others will help you learn to trust more

But we know others deal with different problems so housing rules and designs can be different. We have rooms for

people struggling with addictionPeople who need refuge from domestic violencePeople that have depression and anxietyPeople who are bipolarPeople with PTSDPeople with any kind of eating disorder

And people who suffer with psychosis and issues similar to that, we typically are an outpatient program but we do have locations on the same premises that are more intensive for these cases. Not quite inpatient as we are not an inpatient program. We have limited space for housing services , but also we have many locations and as long as you are not a danger to yourself and others we can accept you as outpatient or direct you to a nearby inpatient if need be. we do do background checks, not to kick anyone out but to learn more about you and habits, we want to know you, because we are here to help.

We have groups designed for men who talk about mens issues, and empower them to think of themselves in a positive light. Because We are ALL equals.

we also have a mens Group about vulnerability and a Peaceful meditation group for men.

(In the determining phase of our program in general we observe you and get data on your emotional responses to help with your goals. We ask you to be honest. We can help but you have to let us)

So what do we stand for? We stand to have our voices heard but not just heard. We want our voices to echo, loud enough for the world to hear.

We also are open to peers working for us after they’ve completed their outpatient services.

So if someone hears your voice and calls you a bitch? Be proud. Because our motto? your Not a bitch. You are Being inspirational to closed hearts

Even the ones that seem far gone

Everyone deserves a chance

But if your not ready to change or if you don’t want to change? This will not help you. We want you to reach inside you and want this. Because you need this. Everyone has a right to defend protect grow and learn

Original Lady voice: And after I finished BITCH? Well, I know now that if I’m in that deli again? I’m not leaving without my paid for roast beef sandwich!


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