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Amethyst ( a poem)

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By Wendiann Alfieri

For those who love the day

To not let anyone get in the way

For those who choose to stand out

To have a favorite color and are proud

Some like red or blue or green

Red as sharp to give off heat

Blue to think of the deep ness of the sea

Green as the grass under our feet

But I see amethyst as a beautiful scream

The deep roots of the color lie stranger in the dark

For this color comes from the insides of rocks

Such miracles that grow

But doesn’t let itself show

And when it is finally seen

It makes people feel greed

But no one can forget

The feelings inside

For amethyst always has something to hide

It may be on its own for a long time

And whilst looking at the color of amethyst

It can make you think of sin

For the color lies deep within

It hides and then shows

To greed it lets glow

But the color itself

Wants some help

Because it does not want

To be source for an end to a start

The people just see the inside of it

But the inside of the rock

Is where the surface lies

The feelings it has it shows outside

For such a bold color

It covers under another

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