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“ About” A Poem

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By Wendiann Alfieri

( this poem might not make much sense I tried to make it an abc poem hopefully you guys like it)

A time when the sun was born

Before the time the world became torn

Created from the darkest allies

Deciding it would shed them

Even if they complied, the sun would still rise

Forgetting the darkness it was born from

Greatness would come without them

Happiness does not need to be brung down

I believe the sun swore it’d never again frown

Just as the sun first rose to its new rules

Kindness was anything but a breeze

Loneliness was all that seethed

Must it shine so burning bright, killing everything in sight?

No, but the sun no longer cared

Of course it thought it was being right

Perfection though it doesn’t kill on sight

Questions would have arose, if any thing was alive

Righteousness for the sun needed to be revived

So the sun didn’t have arguments with any one or thing

To be fair destroying the past doesn’t make it not there

Us humans should fear the sun to this day

Very ignorant we are to what it was and will be

With help from the moon and the stars, we think we know dark

Xenophobic the sun still was

You should know what you think is kindness doesn’t always grow

Zealous as the sun was to change the dark all it did was create it to start

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