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A Readers Menu

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By Wendiann alfieri

you want to read something... what kind of things as a reader do you want to gain from the experienc? Come down to Rèad a beautiful restaurant with all your guilty pleasure! Bon Appetit!

Welcome to Rèad

Delicious Food since 1965!


Forcè Exposition Platter- a plate of expired cheese cubes the staff will proudly shove into your face

***Special Offer- if you eat all the cubes and don’t throw up from too much all at once this appetizer will be 50% off!***

Named Veggies- some of juneisayqua’s chopped celery, Steve’s carrots and some generic ranch dressing in the middle

make up a setting-Many Tortilla chips ground into crumbs and sprinkled on top of Nowhere’s-ville Original Salsa

Lunch Specials-

Forced Interest- Hard boiled eggs with multiple layers of shell you have to occupy your attention with to get to the protein

Chefs Grain Of Salt- A salad of only spinach dressed with our brand of salt that’s strong but has a great aftertaste

Love Sick Gamble- A plate of either melted chocolate or tar! whichever you get you’ll still digest to get your moneys worth and inexplicably fall in love with it!

Tasty Descriptions- a plate of invisible delicious shrimp cocktail with the sauce so delicately made as it shimmers in a cup like the sun in a reflection on the water at sunset all on its own with some other food stuff


Starting- fresh picked leaves accompanied with bark from trees struck down when it was a dark and stormy night

Simple- a bowl of vanilla extract, if you want a play it safe and plain kinda meal

Out of ideas- a piece of cardboard decorated with whipped cream to cover the pointless cardboard

Out of ideas 2- cardboard but this time with icing not whipped cream

Out of ideas 3- cardboard but THIS TIME it’s different, there is icing and whipped cream on even more cardboard


Bitter Ends- pomegranate seeds and grapefruit crushed and mixed together with cinnamon sugar on the side

Turning point- a delectable assortment of chocolate truffles filled with spices from every kind of experience

Dark messages- some candy arranged in the form of a question mark and a cherry on the dot part of the question mark

All expenses paid by how much sanity you have left as a reader!!

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